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The Story of “Fatin & Farah’s School Holiday”

Assalamualaikum all. It’s been a while since the last post. Last 2 weeks had been a whirlwind shooting spree. Shooting in PJ & Terengganu for 4 couples. Will update with their pics in a short while.

Farah & fatin are 2 siblings from Penang. During the last school holidays they came for a sleepover at our house. Among the places that we took them are Wetworld theme park & Taman Botani. Taman Botani Negara is formerly known as Bukit Cerakah @ Bukit Cahaya Sri Alam. Located near Section 8, the park still have several nice spots for visitors.

Our main target is the 4 season house. Unlucky us, it is closed for repairs and upgrades…so we went for the other places such as Taman Rempah Ratus (Spices Garden), Taman Haiwan (Animal Park) and Menara Pandang Jauh (Watchtower).

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The weather was nice and sunny. We started by hopping on the open side bus but later we walked and walked and walked…hehehe. Even though its hot but a refreshing supply of drinks keep us walking and shooting. Farah & Fatin loves being photographed and it shows in the pictures 🙂


The Story of “Faizal & Syafarina After Event Portraiture”

Assalamualaikum all. About a month ago I went to Genting together with my friend cum client Faizal and his wife Syafarina for their after event portraiture. This is the result of a 5 hours photoshoot..enjoy!


Firstly they wear suit & Saree. This particular one costs thousands of Ringgit! It was very elaborate and the workmanship…superb.




The sun was shining brightly, had to get them some shades. Beautiful scenery..reminds me of Salem cigarettes advertisement when I was a kid..hehehe


A tinge of yellow and orange.







This pics are taken at the First World Hotel Carpark…lucky to have such blue sky that day 🙂


And lastly we took pictures at Shah Alam’s most recognizable icon..The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque aka Blue Mosque.


I just love the mixture of blue and yellow during sunset…delicious!