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The Story of “Goat Story”

Assalamualaikum all.

During Raya Haji. We all went back to KT for about 6 days. A long overdue R&R for me. My Uncle brings us all to his Goat farm in Manir, KT. Goat rearing is not easy. But is immensely satisfying and rewarding. Enjoy the pics I took. Edited by my wife.




They know how to smile 🙂 Do u know they only have lower set of teeth?


Fat and ready for sale


In any goat farm usually there’s only 1 Alpha Male that is tasked in mating with the other nannies (lady goat). Ayah Wan is this farm’s one and only Alpha Male and he is definitely horny LOL


Such handsome and goodlooking goat 🙂



Goats are generally curious creatures. They think you will give them food. And the love to peek-a-boo!


Labelling for record



Baby goat = kid


Always hungry.


Come visit us again!


The story of “Engagement Nadia & Fahmi”

Assalamualaikum all. Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin. This year’s Raya was a moderate affair for me. Not much shopping, a lot of eating, and because of work – not much open house rounds. Even on the last week of Ramadhan, I was working hard to finish last minute work and delivering them to the clients. My family went back to KT early and I went back by bus 🙂 On the third day of Syawal, my cousin Nadiatul Nazifah Mohamed was engaged to Wan Muhammad Fahmi Wan Zaki. Held at our Tok Ma’s house in Jalan Kamaruddin, Kuala Terengganu.

Due to both sides having big family, the attendance is around 120+ people.

Nadia Tunang-107

Nadia or Ya as she’s fondly called by family and friends

Nadia Tunang-115

Tok Ma’s house is packed to the brim. I can only shoot from 1 position throughout the majlis. Nadia’s side is represented by her big brother Dr Mahyudin while Fahmi’s side is represented by his uncle.

Nadia Tunang-118

Fahmi’s mom during one of the many funny moments.

Nadia Tunang-122

We bring not 1 ring, but 2!

Nadia Tunang-128

Praying for Allah’s blessing and guidance

Nadia Tunang-140

Nadia Tunang-126

Engagement rings put on by her soon to be M-I-L.

Nadia Tunang-144

Coming soon in July 2011 🙂

Since my primary camera+lens were sent to Nikon Service Center for servicing, I shoot everything on my D90+18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Kit Lens(borrow from my sis)+85mm f1.8