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The Story of “Goat Story”

Assalamualaikum all.

During Raya Haji. We all went back to KT for about 6 days. A long overdue R&R for me. My Uncle brings us all to his Goat farm in Manir, KT. Goat rearing is not easy. But is immensely satisfying and rewarding. Enjoy the pics I took. Edited by my wife.




They know how to smile 🙂 Do u know they only have lower set of teeth?


Fat and ready for sale


In any goat farm usually there’s only 1 Alpha Male that is tasked in mating with the other nannies (lady goat). Ayah Wan is this farm’s one and only Alpha Male and he is definitely horny LOL


Such handsome and goodlooking goat 🙂



Goats are generally curious creatures. They think you will give them food. And the love to peek-a-boo!


Labelling for record



Baby goat = kid


Always hungry.


Come visit us again!


The Story of “Lake Kenyir Discovery Photography”

Assalamualaikum all. I’m very very excited for this kind of trip. Last year Azrul (pencerita) organize a trip for 30+ photographers to Tasik Banding/Royal Belum in Perak. This year it’s Lake Kenyir’s turn. We all stayed at the Lake Kenyir Resort & Spa (A super nice resort). gathering at KL Sentral on a Friday afternoon, we endure the 9 hour journey to Lake Kenyir by bus. After several reshuffle of group list, I’m placed with Ian Ahmad, Ali Dahlan, Meor Fendy, Adli Ghazali & Abang Zaini.

Unlike last year, this year I came prepared with a reliable tripod (the new Manfrotto I bought in May). But since my workhorse D700 and ultra wide 17-35mm f2.8 lens were sent to Nikon for servicing, I brought my D90, my sis’ kit lens 18-55mm, Fariz’ macro 60mm f2.8 lens (borrowed) and the 80-200 f2.8 tele. During the course of the trip, abang Zaini’s 12-24mm f4 ultra wide & Azim’s 18-200mm lenses were borrowed as well 🙂

The first picture I took (taken from our nice chalet balcony.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -101

Since I wanna share a lot of pics from the trip, sit back and enjoy the selection of pics. All were lightly edited in Lightroom & Photoshop.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -102

Mount Gagau (resembles a moaning face from sideway angle)

Kenyir Trip - Amru -103

Kenyir Trip - Amru -105

Kenyir Trip - Amru -104

Different part of the lake yield different colors of water. Nice reflections too!

It took us 1 hour & 45 minutes by a Ferry Boat to get to Gua Bewah.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -107

The entrance itself was a sight to behold.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -111

This is Tiniey Tajudin. The model assigned to our group. This picture was the winning picture in the “Human Interest” Category. And I Won a 3d 2n package a a result 🙂

Kenyir trip group photo-128 copy2

The group photo I took at the entrance. Our mentor & jury for the contests are Che’ Mat (MMU Lecturer), Ted Adnan (Pro Photographer) & Engku (Pro Photographer).

Kenyir Trip - Amru -113

From Gua Bewah we moved to Lasir Waterfall.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -119

Kenyir Trip - Amru -121

We ask Tiniey to become a tourist (complete with Ian’s camera as prop)

Kenyir Trip - Amru -123

I am not a nature photographer. this is my best attempt at capturing the waterfall. Must try harder next time 🙂

Unlike Royal Belum trip, we didn’t have enough time to capture flora & fauna subjects.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -125

Mas Cotek plant. Illuminated using off camera flash

Kenyir Trip - Amru -130

Mini Pineapple

Kenyir Trip - Amru -129

Details in a waterdrop

Kenyir Trip - Amru -127

Orchid. Top 5 in the flora category. Winner in the special Jury’s Award category

Kenyir Trip - Amru -131

Spider. Shot against the sky. Framed by the trees.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -128


Wish I had more time to spend on the small insects… 😦

Moving on to the “Commercial” category. Pics of the resort & it’s facilities. Thanks to En Latif, our guide, we had access to the entire resort.

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -209

View of the main resort building, overlooking the swimming pool and the terrace restaurant.

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -203

Balcony view

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -201

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -206

Relaxing at the spa.

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -208

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -205

Group A in one of the Chalet with Tiniey

Kenyir Trip - Amru -135

Kenyir Trip - Amru -136

Resort lobby view at night

After winning the “Resort” category ast year, I didnt put any hope in winning this year. Just trying to give my best by shooting and selecting my best picture. I enjoyed every second of the trip.


Receiving the first out of 2 prizes


2 hampers, certificates & my free trip certificate.


Group photo. Credit to ted Adnan

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -210

Group A picture (taken by Azim). We all posed as Indonesian Band wannabe…hehehe Look how serious we all pose 🙂 Meor Fendy (Drummer), Adli Ghazali (Rhythm Guitar), Abang Zaini (Bassist), Ian Ahmad (Lead Guitar), Amrufm (Keyboard) & Tiniey Tajudin (Lead Singer)…hehehe..You guys rock!

PS: Condolences to Bro Ali Dahlan who lost his father on our first night at the resort. He had to rush back to Perlis via LCCT. Al Fatihah