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The Story of “Goat Story”

Assalamualaikum all.

During Raya Haji. We all went back to KT for about 6 days. A long overdue R&R for me. My Uncle brings us all to his Goat farm in Manir, KT. Goat rearing is not easy. But is immensely satisfying and rewarding. Enjoy the pics I took. Edited by my wife.




They know how to smile 🙂 Do u know they only have lower set of teeth?


Fat and ready for sale


In any goat farm usually there’s only 1 Alpha Male that is tasked in mating with the other nannies (lady goat). Ayah Wan is this farm’s one and only Alpha Male and he is definitely horny LOL


Such handsome and goodlooking goat 🙂



Goats are generally curious creatures. They think you will give them food. And the love to peek-a-boo!


Labelling for record



Baby goat = kid


Always hungry.


Come visit us again!


The Story of “Akar vs Kukubesi”

Assalamualaikum all. Saturday and Sunday was a non working day for me..Quite a rare free weekend…So me and wifey decided not to go anywhere during the hot day and spend time at home doing nothing. Just finishing marathon of CSI: NY season 7 hehehe.

Saturday was the day Akar stage its monthly event. Akar is a platform for young artist and musicians to perform in front of about 100+ audience. Shah Alam Lake Garden is the usual spot. For those following my blog since my fotopages days must remember I regularly go and shoot at the predecessor of Akar that is Layar Tanchap.

Akar vs Kukubesi 001

For this edition, Akar collaborated with Kukubesi. A name very famous in the local photographic and manipulation scene. His website is I’m sure a lot of people had seen his artwork without realizing it. He is the one behind Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa Movie poster.

Akar vs Kukubesi 004

A lot of happening and fantastic photographers also participated in the exhibition. Including Amri Ginang, Che’ Mat, Kukubesi himself, Annas Easkey, Kabir Malek, Subhi Karim and lots more.

Akar vs Kukubesi 003

Not only singers and musicians perform, poets also graced the spartan stage (complete with live Twitter coverage beamed through LCD Projector).

Akar vs Kukubesi 005

Fynn Jamal is a regular at Akar. And her performance is 5 usual. Others includes Otam, Wani Ardy and Azfar Alias.

Akar vs Kukubesi 002

Akar vs Kukubesi 006

Friends from every corner of Malaysia came to give support. Mike Murano, Blacks (Penang) and Apai (Melaka). Not to forget, Anan Amri, Azrie Nasrie (Kulim), Mayonz, Che’ Mat and lots more

All pics are from Nikon d700+Nikkor 85mm f1.8 , No flash ISo2000~6400