Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Najwa & Khairil Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. A continuation from the last post. The next day after Fahmi & Nadia’s akad nikah ceremony, It’s time for Najwa and her prince Khairil. Khairil is Naqiuddin’s classmate (Najwa’s big bro) during school. He’s an engineer while she’s a PhD student. Sound like a cool engineer and a doctor. Enjoy with the pics 🙂

Najwa & Khairil 001

Najwa & Khairil 002

Best friends, cousin and sisters

Najwa & Khairil 003

Najwa & Khairil 004

Najwa & Khairil 005

Eldest brother Dr Mahyuddin is the MC. Khairil had a head start..he memorized the script for akad nikah and breeze through the solemnization confidently 🙂

Najwa & Khairil 006

Moms of the bride and groom

Najwa & Khairil 007

Najwa & Khairil 008

Adults enjoy the company, kids are still busy with their world

Najwa & Khairil 009

Najwa & Khairil 010

They change into a nice light orange dress and suit

Najwa & Khairil 012

Najwa & Khairil 011

Good looking couple. Stay tuned for the main event at Taman Tamadun Islam Convention Center 🙂


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