Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Family Outing to Genting”

Assalamualaikum all. For quite some time, when I’m too busy with shooting for my clients, I have very little time for casual photography. Ever since I bought a dslr 6 years ago, family snapshots is how I practice and sharpen my skills in photography. 2 weeks ago, my in laws visit our apartment for several days. So a trip to the nearest highland was set up. Initially I had a shoot (portraiture session) with Faizal and Syafarina but since the newlyweds was knackered from their honeymoon, plan changes into a family outing. Abang Zul and Kak Ju also brought their chubby and cute little baby Siti Balqis along. With such a beautiful subject, I got my inspiration to shoot. Post production was done by my wife (editing and design). I think they look fabulous!

Family Genting 013

Family Genting 011

Somebody needs her dose of medication first..and she took it with a big smile (^_^)

Family Genting 003

Family Genting 010

Mak Tok’s favorite

Family Genting 017

Family Genting 026

My only picture from the day…occupational hazard as a photographer…..nobody wants to take our picture…huhuhu

Family Genting 025

She’s very aware of camera…knows how to pose and look straight into the lens

Family Genting 020

Family Genting 018

The 85mm f1.8 is really a workhorse, never fails me especially on low light situation and helping to clear cluttered background. I’m thinking of getting an f1.4 version….super creamy bokeh…hmmm

Family Genting 029

My wife really knows how to play with black & white. Help me a lot to reduce my editing workload 🙂 Thanks baby

Family Genting 014

Family Genting 015

How I wish I can play at the outdoor park…maybe next time…

Family Genting 016

Didn’t I say she knows how to act in front of the camera?

Family Genting 006

Family Genting 007

The shopping mall in Genting is actually not bad. With lotsa shops, a cinema, food outlet and the options of playing at the indoor or outdoor park.

Family Genting 009

During our trip there, a Thai Songkran festival is ongoing at the concourse area. Lots of Thai product and food are on sale.

Family Genting 012

Cucu Tok Wan

Family Genting 005

Some products need no comment..just laughter…kekekeke

Family Genting 004

Family Genting 019

The only drawback of going to Genting on a labour day weekend is the number of crowd, we had to wait 45 mins just queuing to get to the cable car…about 350+ people in line…insane..

Family Genting 024


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