Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Faizal & Shafarina Akad Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. Last Saturday I had the honour of capturing the moments from my schoolmate Faizal Ariffin Rasooldeen’s Akad Nikah to his fiancee Shafarina Ansari. The Akad Nikah was held at Masjid Al Amaniah in Selayang. This is my third time shooting an Indian Muslim wedding. Here are the pictures from the event….

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-01

The very handsome groom

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-02

Family members feed him milk before the ceremony

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-03

Indian art of henna are simply amazing!

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-04

As well as the glowing bride

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-05

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-06

Family members carrying trays of hantaran (wedding gifts)

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-07

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-08

During the solemnization ceremony

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-09

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-10

Bride’s family

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-11

Groom’s family

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-12

The bride change into a Saree for their wedding portrait at her family home

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-13

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-14

Drop me some comments ya. Lookout for more pics later 🙂


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