Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Vietnam Last Day 4”

Assalamualaikum all. Like all good things…the trip must come to an end. I’ve always hated 3 day trips coz it is too quick to end. First day shortened by the journey, second day and the last day. That is why me and my buddies always plan our trips to be at least 4 days.

After breakfast of Vietnam Coffee, pisang abu (they didnt seem to have pisang emas here…but pisang abu is quite delicious too) and biscuits, we check out of Hoang Lien Hotel for Thanh Son Nhat International Airport.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-230

Our last day was the best weather of all. Blue sky and no haze.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-231

A famous temple complete with a multistorey pagoda along our way to the airport (which took about 40 minutes on a heavy traffic).

Ho Chi Minh Trip-232

In a flash, I missed my focus. But the result were nice. Love the expression of the man in the center.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-233

Ho Chi Minh Trip-234

Kham and Fahmi at the airport departure section

Ho Chi Minh Trip-235

Goodbye Vietnam!

A list of things to do in Ho Chi Minh City:
– Visit the Reunification Palace, Post Office, Notre Dame Basilica, Ho Chi Minh Museum (City Museum) all in District 1, War Remnant Museum in District 3.
– Watch the water puppet show (near war remnant museum). wish we could watch it…google it for more info
– If you’re strong hearted and able to ride a bike, rent a scooter and explore HCM City.
– Walk around the city on foot. If you’re tired, just pickup a taxi. They can take you anywhere.
– Not many people speaks English. Only traders and hotel counter staff seems capable. Even taxi drivers cannot speak English.
– Ready a list of places to go (complete with their Vietnamese name) on paper and just show it to taxi driver.
– Vinasun taxi can be trusted. The rate is around 30,000 dong (RM4.5) for a 8 mins trip from Ben Thanh market to our hotel (around 3+km) in an innova. Vios cost cheaper.
– For Muslims, Dong Du street is a good place to start. There are several restaurants on the street such as Halal @ Saigon, Bombay (like Malaysian Mamak), Nyonya something (new restaurant), the cafe behind the mosque and a turkish restaurant I forgot the name. VN Halal, Bon Mua and Taj Mahal are also nearby. There’s this Restaurant Shamsudin in District 10 that is reputedly the best malay restaurant but we didnt have the opportunity to go there due to limited time…and we don’t wanna go so far just to eat.

– Hong Anh Collection is the best for tudung and baju kurung. Go inside and go up to second floor. Speak freely in English or Malay. pay in RM, USD or Dong.
– Saigon Square is not far. Ask the lady at Hong Anh how to get there. Lotsa jeans, pants, jakets, polo shirt etc. Quite cheap!
– Ben Thanh market has 2 phases. Day market is inside..refer to my pics for things that are sold there. The night market is set outside the building starting at 7pm++

– Don’t bring many clothes to your trip. Buy and wear to save up space.
– It’s not as hot as Malaysia. Sunny but not humid like us.
– Honking is normal. Be careful as sometimes you can be the target if you’re blocking their way on the street.
– The easy way to count their money:
1,000,000 dong = RM150
100,000 dong = RM15
10,000 dong = RM1.50
1,000 dong = RM0.15

– Prepare exact or the smallest money you can for the taxi trip. We had to pay 121,000 for our trip to the hotel from the airport. We paid 150,000 and receive just 20,000 back. They don’t really wanna give back 1000 dong notes (either don’t have it or just wanna make extra money).
– Night scene is very beautiful. Experience it.
– Book hotel through sites like and get discounts. RM70 per night gets you nice room with cable TV and bathtub. Nearer to Ben Thanh Market the same room could cost RM100+. The breakfast is to be avoided. They serve pork and all their cutleries could have been in contact with it. Go for fruits and coffee instead.
-Wi Fi is provided at our hotel. As well as PC in the cafe. But Facebook cannot be accessed. Wonder why?
– AirAsia provide daily flight to HCM City. But looking at the inflight menu…we couldnt get our hands on the new menu..Roast Chicken. We only get to eat Nasi Ayam and Nasi Lemak. Book your food online…confirm can get what you want.


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