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The Story of “Vietnam Day 3”

Assalamualaikum all. TQ for all the encouragement from my blog readers on my previous entries. Here is the third day recap of our trip to Ho Chi MInh City Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-193

For breakfast we went back to VN Halal restaurant. The breakfast menu is quite extensive. Here is my selection…French bread with beef stew.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-195

From the restaurant we went to Ben Thanh Market for more shopping. We know which shop give the best bargain from yesterday’s recce.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-196

Inside Ben Thanh

Ho Chi Minh Trip-197

Jeruk anyone?

Ho Chi Minh Trip-198

These are tea ingredient. Just put in hot water and…voila.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-199

Anywhere its easy for motorcyclist to park. Parking attendants like this uncle makes life easy for them.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-201

Their plate number is very different from cars’ plate number

Ho Chi Minh Trip-203

After lunch we went to War Remnant museum in District 3. Its a very touching place..showcasing the horrors of war inflicted to the vietnamese people.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-204

Ho Chi Minh Trip-206

Legendary war photographer Robert Capa died while covering the Vietnam war

Ho Chi Minh Trip-207

A Japanese photographer survive a bullet that struck his camera.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-208

Ho Chi Minh Trip-209

Ho Chi Minh Trip-212

Ho Chi Minh Trip-214

Scene from the road. Family of 4 on a scooter

Ho Chi Minh Trip-217

Ho Chi Minh Trip-218

Street Subway vendor..they grill meat slices and stuff into subway style sandwich together with veggies..looks yummy….but afraid its not halal..hehehe

Ho Chi Minh Trip-223

We decided to go for one of the oldest Halal restaurant in HCM City. Bon Mua or 4 seasons restaurant had waiters that can speaks malay. The price is slightly cheaper than Halal @ Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-219

Menu. 100,000 Dong is RM15

Ho Chi Minh Trip-220

We are too tired already…

Ho Chi Minh Trip-221

We ordered fried seafood in batter

And fillet steak. It was good.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-227

Back to Ben Thanh area. Finding nice handbag for wifey. Note the number of choice on the wall…

Ho Chi Minh Trip-228

This is the view of Ben Thanh Market at night.

After a very tiring third day we went back for packing. removing all the plastic bags and cardboard backing to reduce weight…lucky our bags were just enough and less than the maximum weight..hehe

We spend the night watching AXN and sports channel. Do you know they even have their own Karaoke channel?

Wait for the last part tomorrow 🙂


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