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The Story of “Vietnam day 2 evening”

Assalamualaikum all. Enjoyed the first 2 part? here is the account of the rest of second day in Ho Chi Minh City.

After a very Malaysian lunch at the cafe behind the mosque (nasi putih, lauk kari kambing, ayam goreng, sayur kacang panjang, ubi kentang, ca phe sua da – kopi susu) we went back to our hotel to send all the things we bought earlier. We go out again and head straight to Reunification palace. Please Google or search in Wikipedia about these things to get a better idea on vietnam.

Vietnam war, Reunification Palace, Agent orange, Viet Cong, Ho Chi Minh, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, French Colonization.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-166

Our first stop…Reunification Palace. It’s so big..and full of local and international tourist.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-158

Dining hall for dignitaries.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-159

Ho Chi Minh Trip-160

I framed this picture nicely and ask fahmi to shoot it. Perfect!

Ho Chi Minh Trip-161

Dragon carpet.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-162

This is the room where the president receives his guest.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-163

On the rooftop.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-165

Spooky tunnel.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-164

Going underground we see all the war preparation rooms such as this radio room.

After that we walk around the area enjoying the nice garden with tall trees like this:

Ho Chi Minh Trip-167

Ho Chi Minh Trip-170

Street food vendors consists mostly of springroll, subway like sandwich and fresh fruits. Vietnamese love fruits!

Ho Chi Minh Trip-169

Another landmark. Notre Dame Basilica. Build by the French…its a popular tourist spot.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-171

Just nearby the Basilica is the famous Post Office. Its still in operation. But the number of tourist outnumber the people doing business at the post office.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-172

Ho Chi Minh Trip-173

Superman could change here 🙂

Ho Chi Minh Trip-174

I just love the interior. Its so classic

Ho Chi Minh Trip-176

Portraits and statue of Ho Chi Minh is everywhere. Google to read about the legend.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-177

Rickshaw are aplenty too. But we were warned not to use their service because lotsa tourist have been scammed before.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-178

The motorbikes here range from the new ones right to really old one like this. Its basically a skeleton bike! Parking for motorbikes are everywhere and nobody locks their bike and helmet like in Malaysia. Its very safe for bikers here in term of bike security.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-179

If it 3 lane per way, at any traffic light the 2 right lanes will be dominated by motorbikes. Cars, lorry, van etc will be on the left.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-180

Family of 3 or 4 and even not wearing helmet is a common sight here. Is it not compulsary? hmmm

Ho Chi Minh Trip-181

Street vendor.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-182

We decided to try VN halal restaurant (near Ben Thanh market) for dinner. It serves malay and vietnamese dish same like halal @ Saigon. The price is slightly cheaper and the taste is definitely delicious. The only thing is the service. It took a long time for the drink and dishes to arrive.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-183

Yesterday we tried fresh springroll. Today is time for fried springroll.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-185

Pho Bo is the one dish you should try . Its a national dish consisting of thin rice noodle (like koay teow only thinner), beef broth (like mee sup utara), slices of beef and beansprout. Delish!

Ho Chi Minh Trip-186

Bought something to remind me of my trip.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-187

More trinkets for you to choose.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-189

At night (around 7+pm) everyday, Ben Thanh night market would be a nice place to shop. Look around for best buy as some unscrupulous dealers may try to swindle you.

Ho Chi Minh Trip-192

Happy family!

Thats all for my second day account. Wait for day 3 tomorrow!


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