Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Anis & Along Sanding”

Assalamualaikum all. With help from my new graphic designer, I’m able to edit somemore pics and share it with you all.

The sanding ceremony was held the next day after the nikah and at a nearby multipurpose hall. Both groom and bride wore bright red but the day is not as bright. Since 8am in the morning, rain falls and falls without stopping even as I pack my gears and head home at 6pm…talk about a very wet wedding.

Since we were not able to go outdoors, all our shoot were indoor but I think we did just ok 🙂

Anis + Along 24 jpg

Anis + Along 23 jpg

Anis + Along 27 jpg

Anis + Along 22 jpg

Anis + Along 21 jpg

Anis + Along 16 jpg

Anis + Along 20 jpg

Anis + Along 19 jpg

Anis + Along 18 jpg

Anis + Along 29 jpg

Anis + Along 28 jpg

Anis + Along 17 jpg

Anis + Along 26 jpg

Anis + Along 25 jpg

Part 3 aka Majlis Bertandang (Guy’s side) coming tomorrow! The best of the 3 events 🙂


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