Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Anis & Along Nikah″

Assalamualaikum all. Long time i didnt update…finally married my sweetheart darling baby gurl wife wifey on the 11th of Feb in Penang. Our pics are being edited but will probably uploaded by end of the month. let me update on Anis & Along first. Along is my junior in High School. The couple met in Sekolah Teknik Ipoh and in form 5 they start to date and after 12 years they were married. How sweet ….awww..

Along is an English Teacher while Anis is a stewardess with Air Asia X. Both couple were cool but quite nervous during the nikah. Lucky the Kadhi were really sporting and funny. Around 80+ of their family members and friends attended the nikah held at a mosque in PJ.

Along + Anis 001 jpg

Along + Anis 002 jpg

Along + Anis 003 jpg

Along + Anis 004 jpg

Along + Anis 005 jpg

Along + Anis 006 jpg

Along + Anis 007 jpg

Along + Anis 008 jpg

Along + Anis 009 jpg

Along + Anis 010 jpg

Along + Anis 011 jpg

Along + Anis 012 jpg

Along + Anis 013 jpg

Along + Anis 014 jpg

Along + Anis 015 jpg


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