Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Erni & Fariz Part 2”

Assalamualaikum all.

Just to remind that you still have a month to book my wedding package with up to 30% discount! Only RM1550 for 1 event coverage with 1 custom album sized 8 inch x 12 inch. * Terms and condition applies.

banner promo jan jpeg2

After the akad nikah between Erni & Fariz, the next day Setia Pearl Island in Penang Island is the location for their wedding reception.

Erni 06 copy

They prepare for the big event at Eastin Hotel…cool deco

Erni 07 copy

Erni 09 copy

Erni 10 copy

Erni 05 copy

Fashionista Erni loves her Jimmy Choos

Erni 08 copy

Erni 04 copy

My fav picture of the day

Erni 03 copy

Erni 02 copy

Erni 11 copy

Erni 01 copy

Erni 13 copy

Erni 12 copy

Wait for part 3 (Shah Alam event)


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