Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Debrina & Ali Engagement”

Assalamualaikum all, I’m just back from Penang shooting a wedding there.

Happy new year! Its the big 3-0 for me this year, no more 20 something hahaha! Hopefully 2011 is the year big paradigm shift will happen for me.

Several weeks ago, Debbie Chan (or Debrina Aliyah) was engaged to Mr Ali (aka Reggie). Held at her aunt’s spacious mansion in Valencia Sungai Buloh, Reggie’s side came bearing 5 trays of hantaran while her side reciprocate with the same amount of trays.

Debrina & Ali Engagement-128

Debrina looking gorgeous (make up by MYRA, dress by RIZALMAN)

Debrina & Ali Engagement-132

Uncle and aunt, owner of the house

Debrina & Ali Engagement-130

More of the family

Debrina & Ali Engagement-140

Mummy dearest

Debrina & Ali Engagement-120

Debrina & Ali Engagement-142

Debrina & Ali Engagement-121

Reggie’s family is from Negeri Sembilan.

Debrina & Ali Engagement-162

And negotiation is done in Malay! Her uncle even tried the Sireh..hehehe

Debrina & Ali Engagement-161

Debrina & Ali Engagement-170


Debrina & Ali Engagement-175

Debrina & Ali Engagement-184

Debrina & Ali Engagement-148


Debrina & Ali Engagement-146

Debrina & Ali Engagement-139

Best friend

Debrina & Ali Engagement-131


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