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The Story of “Wedding update Zhewei & Phatcharaporn”

Assalamualaikum everybody!

My apologies for not updating the blog for a bout 1 month now..not that I didnt have materials to be published here…..its just the business crept in me and my head is a bit messy..hahaha…

Without further adieu, here is the first of many wedding updates for this end year wedding season. Zhewei is a cousin of my BNI United member Guan Su San. The request to shoot his wedding came in 4 days before the actual event. Phatcharaporn is a Thai girl that resides in London. Actually both of them lives in London now and they met during a function in which her brother hosted.

After a traditional buddhist ceremony held in a resort in Bangkok the weekend before, they held their Tea Ceremony & wedding reception at Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur to a small crowd of family and friends (some who came all the way from London!)

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-102

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-103

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-114

Both are very good looking and they wear Thai made suit & dress. They wear the same as their pre-wedding shoot in Thailand.

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-106

And yeah, my assistant for the day is Hidayah Hassan (also known as Miss Ai). She’s back shooting after a long sabbatical. Thanks for the big help!

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-113

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-116

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-124

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-125

This is Su San, who also act as the Master of Ceremony

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-127

Chinese wedding are never complete without its looooong Yaaaaaaaaaam Seeeeeeeng!

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-128

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-134

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-140

With Zhewei’s parents

Zhewei & Phatcharaporn-139

More updates coming this week. Malay & Indian wedding as well!

Bookings for Engagement, Pre-wedding & Actual wedding day shoot for 2011 is now open. Packages starts at RM1700 per event and album rate is RM600-1200. Contact me at 0133893113 or for more details.

You can also add me in facebook: Amru Zainal Abidin.

Till then, Ta Ta!


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