Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “TT Session & Tri-Os Fashion Cafe”

Assalamualaikum all. Last week was a hectic one. Full schedule of Meetings, collaborations and photoshoot session. I went North & South for work. Here’s an update for 2 of the events.

Shah Alam TT (Teh Tarik or Transfer Technology) session for photographers are quite legendary. This is the 26th edition in 4 years me and Jidin has organized. We used to be able to attract up to 60 photographers in 1 go. Our usual meeting place is Miza Kopitiam in Sec 7 Shah Alam. Due to some changes, the restaurant has been closed and replaced by Kayu Kopitiam (a spin off of Kayu Nasi Kandar). The menu was superb but the prices is a little bit more expensive.

TT Shah Alam 26-101

The first to arrive, hafiz, Jidin, Sirreh, Amru & Madi

TT Shah Alam 26-115

TT Shah Alam 26-110

Tok Penghulu Jidin

TT Shah Alam 26-109

Tok Batin Amru

TT Shah Alam 26-120

Qayyum & Sirreh

TT Shah Alam 26-107

Madi from Media Kreatif, our new camera and equipments supplier. Dslr Shop in FB


I pay a visit to Tri-Os Fashion Cafe at Empire Shopping Center in Subang Jaya recently. It is a fashion boutique which not only sell clothes, the have a nice cafe and also advice you on what suits you. The eldest of the 3 Osman girls, Adrina was responsible in sourcing the clothes from up and coming fashion designers. They have quite a range of beautiful dress, shoes and accessories.

Tri-Os by Amrufm-164

Tri-Os by Amrufm-168

Lotsa purple and pink

Tri-Os by Amrufm-119

The cafe serves unique drinks and also durian cheese cake. Gotta try one later

Tri-Os by Amrufm-118

It was decorated as a home

Tri-Os by Amrufm-132

Tri-Os by Amrufm-138

Custom made jewellery

Tri-Os by Amrufm-167

Nice place to shop and chill

Tri-Os by Amrufm-170

Tri-Os by Amrufm-160

L-R Adrina, Nizam & Farah

Tri-Os by Amrufm-179

L-R Syaza & Aina

Tri-Os Fashion Cafe, 1st Floor, Empire Shopping Center Subang Jaya


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