Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Lake Kenyir Discovery Photography”

Assalamualaikum all. I’m very very excited for this kind of trip. Last year Azrul (pencerita) organize a trip for 30+ photographers to Tasik Banding/Royal Belum in Perak. This year it’s Lake Kenyir’s turn. We all stayed at the Lake Kenyir Resort & Spa (A super nice resort). gathering at KL Sentral on a Friday afternoon, we endure the 9 hour journey to Lake Kenyir by bus. After several reshuffle of group list, I’m placed with Ian Ahmad, Ali Dahlan, Meor Fendy, Adli Ghazali & Abang Zaini.

Unlike last year, this year I came prepared with a reliable tripod (the new Manfrotto I bought in May). But since my workhorse D700 and ultra wide 17-35mm f2.8 lens were sent to Nikon for servicing, I brought my D90, my sis’ kit lens 18-55mm, Fariz’ macro 60mm f2.8 lens (borrowed) and the 80-200 f2.8 tele. During the course of the trip, abang Zaini’s 12-24mm f4 ultra wide & Azim’s 18-200mm lenses were borrowed as well šŸ™‚

The first picture I took (taken from our nice chalet balcony.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -101

Since I wanna share a lot of pics from the trip, sit back and enjoy the selection of pics. All were lightly edited in Lightroom & Photoshop.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -102

Mount Gagau (resembles a moaning face from sideway angle)

Kenyir Trip - Amru -103

Kenyir Trip - Amru -105

Kenyir Trip - Amru -104

Different part of the lake yield different colors of water. Nice reflections too!

It took us 1 hour & 45 minutes by a Ferry Boat to get to Gua Bewah.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -107

The entrance itself was a sight to behold.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -111

This is Tiniey Tajudin. The model assigned to our group. This picture was the winning picture in the “Human Interest” Category. And I Won a 3d 2n package a a result šŸ™‚

Kenyir trip group photo-128 copy2

The group photo I took at the entrance. Our mentor & jury for the contests are Che’ Mat (MMU Lecturer), Ted Adnan (Pro Photographer) & Engku (Pro Photographer).

Kenyir Trip - Amru -113

From Gua Bewah we moved to Lasir Waterfall.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -119

Kenyir Trip - Amru -121

We ask Tiniey to become a tourist (complete with Ian’s camera as prop)

Kenyir Trip - Amru -123

I am not a nature photographer. this is my best attempt at capturing the waterfall. Must try harder next time šŸ™‚

Unlike Royal Belum trip, we didn’t have enough time to capture flora & fauna subjects.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -125

Mas Cotek plant. Illuminated using off camera flash

Kenyir Trip - Amru -130

Mini Pineapple

Kenyir Trip - Amru -129

Details in a waterdrop

Kenyir Trip - Amru -127

Orchid. Top 5 in the flora category. Winner in the special Jury’s Award category

Kenyir Trip - Amru -131

Spider. Shot against the sky. Framed by the trees.

Kenyir Trip - Amru -128


Wish I had more time to spend on the small insects… šŸ˜¦

Moving on to the “Commercial” category. Pics of the resort & it’s facilities. Thanks to En Latif, our guide, we had access to the entire resort.

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -209

View of the main resort building, overlooking the swimming pool and the terrace restaurant.

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -203

Balcony view

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -201

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -206

Relaxing at the spa.

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -208

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -205

Group A in one of the Chalet with Tiniey

Kenyir Trip - Amru -135

Kenyir Trip - Amru -136

Resort lobby view at night

After winning the “Resort” category ast year, I didnt put any hope in winning this year. Just trying to give my best by shooting and selecting my best picture. I enjoyed every second of the trip.


Receiving the first out of 2 prizes


2 hampers, certificates & my free trip certificate.


Group photo. Credit to ted Adnan

  Kenyir Trip - Amru Selected -210

Group A picture (taken by Azim). We all posed as Indonesian Band wannabe…hehehe Look how serious we all pose šŸ™‚ Meor Fendy (Drummer), Adli Ghazali (Rhythm Guitar), Abang Zaini (Bassist), Ian Ahmad (Lead Guitar), Amrufm (Keyboard) & Tiniey Tajudin (Lead Singer)…hehehe..You guys rock!

PS: Condolences to Bro Ali Dahlan who lost his father on our first night at the resort. He had to rush back to Perlis via LCCT. Al Fatihah


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