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The Story of “Family Outdoor Portraiture”

Assalamualaikum all. Welcome to my new blog layout. The old one was starting to look old, so I changed into this one. Cleaner and all the pics are centered. Looks cleaner and fresh.

Last week the enchantedCREW went to Sec 7 early in the morning for a BIG family portraiture. 3 kids with their own parents. Shah Jahan is the son of Shah & Julie, Shania Amani is the daughter of Shahrul (outstation at the time) & Surini while Aryssa is the daughter of Shafril & Shasha. Their grandparents are also in attendance, Datuk Rojali, Datin Naru Aini, Darin Zarina and Also Aryssa’s great-grandmother. 4 generation of ladies!

A picnic concept was agreed upon and we had fun eating and chatting while the 3 photographers snap the ongoing actions. Pictures by my protege(s) Marinamirana & Harris can be seen when you click their name.

AFM_9450 copy

L-R Julie with Shah Jahan, Shasha with Sophia Aryssa and Surini with Shania Amani

AFM_9499 copy

AFM_9422 copy

AFM_9592 copy

AFM_9420 copy

AFM_9553 copy

AFM_9641 copy

Kids this age, will put anything and everything into their mouth šŸ™‚

AFM_9543 copy

AFM_9608 copy

AFM_9484 copy

Shania is very very energetic, Shah Jahan quite blurry in the morning but quite in a good mood while Aryssa is a very emotional child, easily cry if the parents are not in sight šŸ™‚

AFM_9662 copy

4 generations of women. Susah nak jumpa šŸ˜›

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