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The Story of “Album design – Azli & Malina”

Assalamualaikum all. I’ve found new inspiration, and after completion of several scheduled works, I’m free to update my (long neglected) blog.

Malina & Azli’s wedding was held at 2 places. The bride’s side was at Labu, Negeri Sembilan while the groom’s side is in Shah Alam. Thank Allah for the creation of GPS. It brings me direct to the doorstep of Malina’s kampung home.

She is actually my junior in UiTM from another faculty. She adds to my growing list of juniors that I shoot their wedding. Azli was quite laid back and cool. While the wife was very enthusiastic. They make a very cute couple 🙂

Someone mention that I seldom posted my album design here at the blog. So here give to you their album design. Minimalistic style and uncluttered.

Custom album Azli & Malina-101

The cover

Custom album Azli & Malina-102

Custom album Azli & Malina-103

Custom album Azli & Malina-104

Custom album Azli & Malina-105

Custom album Azli & Malina-106

Custom album Azli & Malina-107

Custom album Azli & Malina-108

Custom album Azli & Malina-109

Custom album Azli & Malina-110

Custom album Azli & Malina-111

Custom album Azli & Malina-112


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