Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Sam & Azan”

Assalamualaikum all. I’m still in the process of finishing all the updates for May & June weddings. The past several weeks are full with corporate works and portrait shoot, in addition to training my staff.

Sam is my junior back in UiTM, she took the same Diploma (CS110 – Dip in Computer Science) & Bachelor’s Degree (CS224 – Business Computing) as me. She met Azan while doing her Masters Degree as both of them are athletes playing table tennis. The wedding was held at Sam’s family home in Subang Jaya in 1 day. Morning is the Nikah ceremony while the Sanding was held in the afternoon. The weather was nice, the family quite happening (and photo-friendly)  and the couple easy to shoot. Here are some of the selected pics from their wedding.

Sam+Azan Nikah-122

Sam+Azan Nikah-131

Sam+Azan Nikah-132

Sam+Azan Nikah-133

Sam+Azan Nikah-135

Sam+Azan Sanding-102

Sam+Azan Sanding-106

Sam+Azan Sanding-110

Sam+Azan Sanding-112

Sam+Azan Sanding-115

Sam+Azan Sanding-126

Sam+Azan Sanding-130

Sam+Azan Sanding-134

Sam+Azan Sanding-138

Sam+Azan Sanding-141

Sam+Azan Sanding-133

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