Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Wedding Updates Azam & Ku Shairah”

Assalamualaikum all. I’m in the mood to update today, and the next wedding after Dawn & Syed’s is Azam & Ku Shairah’s reception. Both of them are friends from my uni days. Taking the same diploma course but different batches. Azam is the same as me in the way we are huge manga fans. His bedroom is filled with comic books…hahaha… The reception is held at PJ near Assunta Hospital (Azam’s family home) at night, not the usual midday.

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-107

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-110

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-111

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-117

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-120

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-127

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-129

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-142

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-144

The pelamin was simple enough, but the backdrop is quite gorgeous, with sparkling lights 🙂

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-146

Azam+Ku ShairahReception-149


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