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The Story of “Dawn & Syed Wedding”

Assalamualaikum all. I don’t know why but I’ve become more and more lazy…malasnya nak update blog….even though I got a lot of postings need to be published. Here’s one job not to be missed..Syed & Dawn’s wedding. A love story 17 years in the making.

Dawn+Syed Nikah-105

Dawn+Syed Nikah-107

Being a Syed, of arabic descent, Syed Zalihafe is clad in a jubah & headgear. The Heng Tai’s are supposed to be Terrorist…LOL. Note the crudely made bomb 🙂

Dawn+Syed Nikah-114

They were tortured with several tasks..none harder than dancing to the Wonder Girls’ Nobody song.

Dawn+Syed Nikah-127

Dawn+Syed Nikah-138

After a brief tea ceremony, they all move to the nearby mosque for the Akad Nikah.

Dawn+Syed Nikah-144

Half of the people inside the mosque is non-muslim. Friends and family of Dawn.

Dawn+Syed Nikah-147

Funny incidents happen during the Akad Nikah, but that’s a story I’m not telling 😛

Dawn+Syed Nikah-159

After the Nikah, we setup our mini studio at Dewan Komuniti Bukit Damansara for the Wedding Dinner. It’s a Movie themed wedding so everybody had to wear costume. You can count with your hands how many people wear baju melayu…hahaha…I like it everybody was so sporting and some even rented costumes for the wedding dinner.

Dawn+Syed Reception-107

We setup a mini studio manned by Marina Mirana my junior photographer.

Dawn+Syed Reception-108

The hall was quite spacious and is beautifully decorated (flowers are by The Flower Cottage)

Dawn+Syed Reception-110

The bride

Dawn+Syed Reception-111

And the groom prepare themselves before the grand entrance

Dawn+Syed Reception-112

Everybody loves Shrek!

Dawn+Syed Reception-116

Harry Potter was also in attendance

Dawn+Syed Reception-121

Dawn+Syed Reception-127

Dawn’s parents during the merenjis ceremony

Dawn+Syed Reception-133

Dawn+Syed Reception-137

Dawn+Syed Reception-138

Beyonce and Lady Gaga sang “Telephone”

Dawn+Syed Reception-139

And Syed’s eldest bro did a funny skit about his entire life thru the perspective of an elder brother

Dawn+Syed Reception-141

How many different movie character can you spot?

Dawn+Syed Reception-142

Dawn+Syed Reception-157


Full sets of photos is HERE & HERE.


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