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The story of “Visiting a wedding, Stephanie & Cassandra, food pics”

Assalamualaikum all. Nothing great happened this past 2 weeks, car brokedown, a little problem here and there, crack my brains to solve it, close several jobs, several more in the pipelines and done several charity work.

One of the things a wedding photographer rarely do is “visiting a wedding not as an official photographer but since you so happen to own a dslr with some canggih lens you just cannot resist taking some shots”….hahaha..what a mouthful.

Ain is Yanie’s younger sister (one of my clients) and I just couldn’t miss her wedding. After all I’m not engaged to shoot anything during her wedding day and her family home is just 5 minutes away from my own house….

Btw her husband’s name is Wafi. Just like my best friend Wafi the giant..hehehe πŸ˜›
Here’s some shots (auto enhanced in Lightroom, all taken with a D700+85mm f1.8. Auto WB and ISO200, Aperture priority with f2 – f2.8)


Bride’s cousin with her family. Notice the cute fairy with her cheeky blinking eye?


Bride’s bro


I like the color selection. So cooling on such a hot day


Yanie is on the left


Wafi’s arrival


Father of the bride


And some random shots of the relatives

After attending the wedding, I get back to the studio and prepare for Stephanie & Cassandra’s studio shoot. Sister Stephanie is my fellow BNI United Chapter member. Cassandra is her business partner cum best friend. Together they form Excellent Glory Marketing & Services which provide premium gifts from China, India, Hong Kong & Taiwan.


The White Studio setup for the day.


Sister Stephanie





Lastly….I’ve been collecting some food pics using my Nokia E71. The camera sucks…big time. Cannot focus properly and the resolutions are..terrible. But as I didnt bring either of my D700 nor D90 everytime I go makan, only the E71 can take photos of the delicious food I eat. Just enjoy lor and don’t complain about the quality ok πŸ˜›


Chicken Premium at Williams


Nasi lemak with giant sausage at Sec 7 Shah Alam (gerai tepi jalan). Can choose Cheesy or black pepper sausage


Nasi Kukus Ayam Kampung


Lamb Hanith with Beriani Rice..Arab Style. I’m gonna doa full entry just for my favorite Beriani Arab stall in Sec 7


Zinger Tower burger from KFC. Delicious but not as big as in the ad.

More to come..stay tune!

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