Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Teh Tarik Session: Feb edition”

Assalamualaikum all. Hectic 2 weekends for me. Now it’s time to catch a breather.

Me and Jidin has been the official organizer for photoskool forum’s Teh Tarik Session (Shah Alam Branch). Since 2008, 25 TT’s has been organized. From as small as 10 photog’s, the TT series has grown to as much s 50 participants.

What do we photographer’s do during a TT? We catch up with friends (being in the same industry), share knowledge and information, we did heart-to-heart talk, gear testing & generally have fun. Since last year, It’s been 7 months me and Jidin didn’t organize any TT, mainly because of our busyness…so when Jidin contacted me to arrange for the 26th TT, we quickly organize one.

The venue is Miza Kopitiam Sec 7, Shah Alam. Home of the famous Roti Arab+Kuah Daging..yum yum!



We were quite shocked because more than 60+ photog attended! The oldtimers includes: Jidin, Amru, Fariz, Berx, Kukubesi, Candidsyndrome photogs (Kacuk, Mashelmy, Azizilee, Peijan, Fuad Topa), Qayyum, Tahir, Mior Fendi, Awan Setiawan, Napie Mokhsin, Nazir Azhari & Diela Norain from Wowfoto, Raydcza, Hadi Nor & lots more I couldnt recall…hehe




My fav photo of the night. Qayyum of Qayyum Studio



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