Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Teaching dslr basic? never thought I’ll be doing this”

Assalamualaikum all. Today is a wonderful day, I won for the second time the Oscar for best 50second presentation during our BNI United chapter meeting. I was in a slump for several weeks. Im asking for the wrong referrals (or sometimes the way I ask is not good). So I decided to buck up & fight for the oscar. Armed with an accomplice (tq sister Ann!) and 3 pictures of the Greg+Daphne wedding, I deliver the presentation with confidence. TQ United for the warm applause. Now I should stop before my nose gets too big…hahaha


Back to the story…

In September I organized a mini class for basic dslr. 6 people attended. I held it at the studio. 2 hours of theory & abit on the practical. But the shooting element was missing…to learn to shoot, we must go out and explore new possibilities. So 2 weeks ago, I organized another class. 2 people attended. I wanted a small audience so that I can concentrate on the teaching. In other words Its a kind of experiment.


The location is a nice lake garden in Shah Alam, not many people (just a lot of mosquitoes since that morning it was drizzling)

I touch on…
– different features on different model of dslr (pro, amateur, beginner models)
– P, S, A, M mode
– Shutter & Aperture concept
– Metering
– Take perfect exposure using all of the above
– Basic composition
– Lens differentiation, quality & usage

Man uses a D90 with a 50mm lens

While Basyirah uses a D40+kit lens 18-55mm

After 1 1/2 hours of getting the settings right, we do some landscape & portrait works




Different ways of shooting a portrait using 50mm lens

And these are pics I took while I let them explore the area…





I’ll be organizing more class starting in January. Watch this space. Its gonna be fun and affordable!


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