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The story of “16 years after”

Assalamualaikum all. Sorry for the 2 weeks hiatus from writing in the blog. A lot happened. Busyness is taking over. Today is my editing day, relaxing and watching the movie Che part 1 on my lappie.

3 days ago I got a call from an old classmate. So old I didnt even remember him. Fitri wants to organize a reunion of the batch 4 boys of SRI Hira’ of Batu Belah Klang. I spend 5 years from standard 2 – 6 at the school. Form 1 till 5 I was in SM SSAAS near my house in Section 2 Shah Alam.

Our standard 6 class consist of around 20 students. All boys. If I can remember they are….. Iqbal (ketua kelas), fadhlisham (class bully…hahaha), Falah (golden voice), Khidir, Hanif (A Hafiz & a doctor), Suhaib (petronas engineer), Firdaus, Fitri, Zainor (Awie look alike), Amru, Behtash (Class joker, cohort of Fadhlisham), Nik Azmi (newspaper supplier for the class), Umar Faruq, Zaid Zakaria, Zaid Sahak (my best friend, class artist), Wan Abdul Rahman, Ruzaimi, Saiful Bahri (Siam boy), Asyraff (my nemesis back then), Ahmad Khalil. Shahar & Asri left us after standard 5.

I love school. Sometimes the studying is boring, but the friends, school activities (martial arts, camping, trips, stage performance – I was one of the school singer 🙂 ) keeps me glued.

These boys are a real gem. We talked about things we do at school, fadhlisham remembers everything…including the time we all kena denda, playing war games in the nearby woods, description of each n everyone of us…good times indeed.

I choose Kedai Kopi 2 at the Shah Alam Lake because of it’s quiet atmosphere, unlike a mamak. We also enjoyed the Piala Malaysia Final & the Man City vs Burnley match until around midnight.

Falah towkay Kopi Janda n lembu kambing calling up the lost guys


Shahar, sama2 diploma di UiTM dulu

Zainor rahman. Awie look alike..rambut tak pernah pendek masa sekolah

Khidhir & Fitri




One response

  1. sHaH_aR

    Tersentuh hati membaca (syok sendiri kut – hati tersentuh jumpa kawan lama) .. nice Amru.. nice pic also… tq

    November 8, 2009 at 4:32 pm

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