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The Story of “Good, bad & ugly”

Assalamualaikum all.

I am a human being. I experience ups & downs in life. The past week its more of bad, bad, bad, ugly, ugly & a sprinkle of goodness in it. But I know myself, I always see the good side of it. I will overcome the bad & ugly patch in life and comeback a stronger man.


Ugly thing – My phone swims in the Janda Baik river……so now it is being kept under ICU at Kedai Handphone….maybe next week I can get it back (kena repair..huhuhu). All my sms, 800+ numbers & appointments are inside…..double huhuhuhu

Bad thing – I did an obstacle course on Saturday without stretching, then sakit2 badan for 3 days…ouch!

Bad thing – After getting back from shooting+teambuilding event my motor battery kong…..hv to repair

Ugly thing – Also I develop symptoms of dengue fever, quickly rush to clinic & get my medicine. Eat every 1 hour, drink lots of water and rest at home. Luckily it was a normal high fever…but still money goes out…triple huhuhu

Enough of all the doom and gloom. I’m sure you don’t wanna read all those in my blog rite?


Well I’m proud to say that I’ve tackled my first Chinese wedding. Preparations + church ceremony on Saturday, wedding dinner + slide show presentation on Sunday. The bride+groom+bridesmaid loved it! That really makes my day. Even though my right leg feels like its gonna falls off during the dinner (cramps). Thanks Fariz for being such an understanding partner throughout the event. Years of working together helps too!

The pictures are still in Lightroom. I’ve sorted half (shot nearly 2000 pics). I’ll show them later.

The video is here …….

Disclaimer: The pre-wed in the beginning is not mine ok!


Another good thing is the Tri-Chapter teambuilding event last weekend (10-11 October).
Held at Camp ABC in Janda Baik. A mere 40 mins drive from KL through MRR2, Gombak, Karak & Genting Sempah. The air is cool, water is fresh, serene & calming to anyone who wishes to getaway from the city.

BNI United, Synergy & Rainmaker are the 3 chapters who took part. And more than 100 members participates with United the biggest contingent (around 40 members).

Me & fariz arrived after Greg & Daphne’s church wedding. We missed the morning quiz but I was quickly roped in for the speed obstacle course. My group (the green group) gets 2nd place.


Fariz’ team the red team


Ice Breaking session


Improvement Session with coach Murphy. Very stimulating & inspiring!


These guys were almost sleeping few seconds before I shoot this..hahaha


United chapter contingent with our new pose!


That’s me after successfully completing a question of “Win, Lose or Draw”. Our team gets 2nd place, losing out due to an extra points round…we were jointly leading before that round….

Our green team shows incredible team spirit & never say die attittude. Amongs the members are Eddie, Dawn, Alan Ng, Freda, Alfred, Donald, Alan, Kevin & others

The event that really boost our marks were the penultimate “Miss BNI”


Our Eddie were transformed into Edie, An “Ah Kua” from Hatyai. With her great boobs & great looks, exceptionally well engrish, she captured the hearts of the judges!…hahahaha

Even though I’ve got more great pics & videos that’s never gonna be here on the internet..kekeke


The United gang again….must do sign already..

– Datuk Adnan is the operator of Camp ABC. He is also one of our chapter member
– Food is superb. 6 times a day. you’ll be fat in no time 🙂
– Even staying in tent is comfortable. The toilet, surau, hall, dining etc are clean, well maintained & spacious

More pics HERE


And last but not least…the Nikon D3s is here…



Same as D3 but ISO from 200-12,800!

Video somemore….huhuhuhuhuhu

Previews at Dpreview.comHERE

I’m just waiting for second hand D700 or D3 going around cheap hehehehe 🙂
No need to be an equipment slave


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