Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Iftar at TGIF”

Assalamualaikum all. Just back from a mini holiday to Kuching last week. Tons of entries but I’m too slow in editing…especially during the fasting month…This set of pics is taken 2 weeks ago, uploaded to flickr but forgotten to be included in the blog. Its the annual Iftar session with Shah Alam gang. About 23 people attended (Most of it with wife/partner). And the organizer chose TGI Fridays Subang Parade. Personally I prefer Chilis…but since its already decided for, join aje lah.

Shahrul+Sue, Faizal+Mas, Zul+Mazlina, Irwan+Wife+sister, Adri+Mira (Newlyewds), Bo+Aza, Wafi, Amru+Siti, Mazleen+gf, Mazlan+Dyana, Masri, Anis+Agus+Yaya+Chacha+Qiqi



Recently got my 2nd hand copy of Nikkor Lens 28-85mm f3.5-4.5 lens. Cost me RM500 only. Not too sharp, a good everyday lens but not for work purpose (Jadi backup aje lah). Another flaw is the closest focusing distance is not close at all… During the iftar I tried ISO 3200-4000 just to experiment. WIth slow lens such as this lens, the result is still not very good. Better with a prime or a 2.8 lens.





Some of the pics really looks like camera phone…hahaha…Pro body+Cheap lens = crappy pics
But keep in mind that the restaurant is quite dark, very romantic kinda light. With the old D50 or D80, the result is definitely worse



Me and Siti, we ordered the prawn & chicken spicy pasta (quite good) + the ice-cream cake below. My gameplan is to finishup other people’s chicken fingers & salad (which is in abundance…too many ordered by people who cannot finish them…hehehe good for me)



Wait for my adventures in Kuching pulak…have a nice day!


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