Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The Story of “Raya Photos + more cousin weddings”

Assalamualaikum all.

These are questions that I ask myself everyday…
Am I tired? Yes
Am I enjoying the hectic shooting? Yes
Do I wish to do different kind of work other than photography? No, thank you

I’m extremely grateful that I can do work in the field that I love the most (rather than doing programming or working for other people…being their kuli).


Aizam, Azira & their son Asyraff came to the studio for their annual Raya Photo. This is one boy who cannot sit still, add to the fact that he had toothache during the shooting & his biological clock is still following Kuwait’s hours. They were living in Kuwait because Aizam works there and Azira is giving birth in about 2 months time, so balik kampung lah to give birth.

Although it’s a challenge shooting with young children, I believe I had enough experience to tackle such problems. In the end, I got these pics. Upon request, I make it into a collage & print it big (16×24 inches).

Casual clothes first.


And then the baju raya…



The second cousin wedding in 2009. Granma Siti’s 4th grandson wedding (None of the granddaughter is married…or in the near future..heehee). Anas is my first cousin from my mom’s side. His mom is my Mak Teh (no 5 out of 6 siblings, my mom was the 4th). The bride is Sarah, they studied together at UIAM Kuantan. Anas is a Pharmacist while Sarah studied to be a dietitian but end up working with the family business.

Both of them are very quiet. And they whisper to each other…heehee…I watched them and it was soo sweet. The challenge is to get them smiling (one of the toughest couple to smile so far 🙂

So enjoy the pics, the full set is in the folder HERE

Pak Teh & Mak Teh’s home in Gombak


Granma Ustazah Azizah, 6 children, 31 grandkids & 1 great granddaughter


Lovely cousins, they all look much alike except both on the left (front row is Bang Chik’s wife, back row is Atim’s future wife)




Pak Teh aka the host


Mak Teh & Auf (Anas’ youngest brother)

09 10

Azmin Ali, MP & Adun from PKR


Arrival of the bride & groom


13 14



Kids looks the cutest at weddings




More portraits


21 22




And the jewellery shots (50mm reverse lens technique!)

Lovely bracelet


And the ring



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