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The Story of “Portrait shoot & Porto Romano”

Assalamualaikum all. After a very hectic week + weekend, I’m back with more action and pictures to show.

Among new updates are:

+ I’ve upgraded one of my camera body to a Full Frame Nikon D700. After several shoots with it..the verdict is…..TOTALLY ROCKS! my investment in Full Frame Lenses (Non DX lens) such as the 24mm & 85mm is totally worth it. Superb quality from all my photos. Less Photoshopping needed and I can concentrate more on composition/directing and less on the equipment.

+ I take a look at my pictures from last year & early 2009. What a big difference it was. I know that a photographer keeps improving from time to time…..but several key steps prove to be the catalyst for change. Among them are the Louis Pang Workshop, Lens upgrade, Camera body upgrade & More usage of external flash/video light/light modifier. Hopefully I’ll keep improving as time goes in order to achieve my dreams as an International Wedding & lifestyle Photographer. Ameen.

+ Harry Potter’s 6th Movie was a good one. In terms of storytelling & lighting. They write it somewhere that the director deliberately use Rembrandt technique to produce a “painting like” result for the movie. Thanks to Fahmi & Kham for the free tickets 🙂

+ Ice Age 3 also rocks. I went to see it alone coz I’m bored and she got class….sorry dear…heeeheee. Never watched the first 2 I thought Ice Age might not be as cool/funny as other animation. It seems that I’m mistaken. It’s funny and witty. Especially the Scrat+Scratte fight/love scenes (Excellent choice of soundtrack by the way!) and also the laughing gas scene…Hillarious!


I spend my sunday morning shooting Organic Wong & family at their Eco Green Organic cafe in Wisma Bakti TTDI. Mr Wong Kai Yuen (fondly known as Organic Wong) is one of my BNI United chapter member. He approached me for a family portrait/company profile shoot. His wife Sherene & their 2 eldest kids Li Hua & Yu Jin also works for Eco Green cafe. They serve organic dishes (they’re tasty I can tell you!) that is halal & also sells organic foods.


In front of the cafe


Nice formal portrait. The character at the back means “blessing”


I get the inspiration for this picture from Ultraman..heehee


Sherene serving coffee


Another one of her in chef uniform


Sassy Li Hua


Yu Jin’s cool b&w photo


Cheeky Yu Shen


Husband and wife team with their restaurant mantra.




After that it’s time for lunch @ Porto Romano Restaurant in Mont Kiara. The restaurant serves Italian/Mediterranean cuisine. Price is ok, setting is fabulous. Large airy and bright space. 15 adults & 2 kids attended the July babies birthday celebration. Shahrul+Sue+Shania, Zul+Mazlina, Amru+SF, Faizal+Mastura, Jiebb+Kak Su+Benjamin, Fariz+Lisa, Shahrul Ketua+Siti Farah & Wafi.

All shots using D700+24mm+85mm. Lightly enhanced using PS3+Totally Rad+Kubota Actions.
I’m lucky the lights are superb! All pics are at Amrufm flickr page

Highlights from the lunch:


You can see for yourself the menu & price


One of Amru’s rare portraits….taken by dearest SF


Maz & Siti Farah with the lamb shank


Wafi with his dripping wet lasagne


Benjamin is a good boy. In the arms of aunty SF


July babies with cupcakes from Mass & Faizal


Handsome guys


Shahrul, Sue & Shania…The “S” family


Maz is our banker for the day


Benjy’s fun moment with Mom & Dad


The longest married couple (amongst us) wanna have cool couple shot…so I give them one..heehee




Future couple?


Maz & Faizal with African masks


Portrait of the day. 7 months to their big day!

And now the food we ordered…..get ready to drool….


Insalata Porto Romano. Seafood salad with olive oil ordered by Faizal


Lasagne ordered by Siti Farah & Wafi


Zul ordered this Cannelloni (stuffed pasta with smoked salmon)


Mass went on with the Rack of Lamb


Me & SF shared this Meatball Spaghetti. They mixed up the orders and send this 40 mins late


Faizal add to order this Spaghetti Carbonara


We shared this Apple pie for dessert


4 responses

  1. your pics are awesome mate. improving every single time. keep it up. Make sure every time aku ajak keluar kau ikut.

    July 21, 2009 at 3:06 pm

  2. Firstly congratulations on your new D700! I so envy you now!!
    You shots are looking lovely and the wide effects are really cool!

    July 26, 2009 at 5:55 am

  3. Bozord: TQVM bro, with support from all my friends. Anyways korang jugak yg jadi model aku since 4 years ago..hahahaha

    Asha: TQ, the D700 can be bought by anybody (with money), the skill is the most important part. Glad you love the shots. I will try harder to produce better pics

    July 26, 2009 at 11:25 am

  4. betul la amru.. selalu2 la freekan diri kau ikut kitorang outing.. heheh.. pastu selalu2 la jugak hulur2 CD penuh gambat kitorang.. kekeke..

    nice pics, as always.. cuma muka aku dalam couple shot tu toyer tak ingat.. haha

    July 27, 2009 at 11:31 pm

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