Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Chocolates & weddings”

Assalamualaikum all. My apologies for not updating my blog for the past 2 weeks. Busy? Most definitely. Tons of work to be done, meetings to be attended, studio shoots, wedding shoots & piccies to be edited.

Here are some updates of recent works.

Handmade chocolates by Yana & Chaq.


My diploma coursemate (Liyana) & her hubby (Chaq) were IT people. It came as a surprise to me when they approach me to take pics of their home made chocolates. Who would’ve thought Yana would be venturing in the chocolate business. During weddings, the usual selection as a hantaran would be either Ferrero Rocher or Patchi. Maybe later Yana & Chaq’s hand made chocolates can compete on a bigger scale. More info go to their blog —> dechaqner chocolates.





Some of the behind the scene setting of the shoot.


Asera & Fazrul’s solemnization.

Asera was my junior in UiTM (during diploma), during degree days we were in the same batch (due to my year long sabbatical from study). I remember going on a mountain climbing trip with her (and other like minded friends). Ah…study was the best part…just study and spend our PTPTN money..hehehe.

Early this year she approach me for her wedding coverage. I’m always ready to shoot my friend’s wedding. Since we’re already acquainted, it should be easier to work together. She gets to know her husband at work. Both of them works for SCAN associates (a leading network & IT provider) in Putrajaya. So..It’s a workplace romance I could say…. 🙂


Preparation is set at Asera’s home in Telok Datok, Banting.



Her henna design & dress was very very nice.


The mosque is located some 50meters from Asera’s home…very the near..hahaha. Here is a shot of Fazrul arriving.



Don’t you think she looks radiant? always smiling


The groom is also very relaxed. He managed to laugh, not nervous at all!



With Fazrul’s family


He is also totally unpredictable. 2 second later, I would’ve missed this



Some portraits we took around the house & mosque


In the middle of sugarcane plant



More pics here—>




One response

  1. The Henna on the bride’s hands was perfectly done. very cool pictures.

    July 6, 2009 at 4:46 pm

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