Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “The next phase + Penang food safari + May Top 12”

Assalamualaikum all. I’m back in Shah Alam. Back to neverending cycle of shooting, editing, designing, networking & meeting. A brief lull in my activities will be met by a full force schedule consisting of corporate shoots, studio shoots, outdoor family portraitures, weddings, teaching assignments & model shoots. No more holidays until end of July (where an assignment could lead to a mini holiday 🙂 ).

I love Penang. Apart from it being the hometown of my future wife, Penang can satisfy my passion in professional eating (Hahahahaha!). The best of everything can be found here. Even way before I met my gf, I’ve come to Penang and totally love the food offered here. From Roti canai daging @ Cherry, Nasi Kandar (everywhere is good), Kari Ikan @ Seafood restaurant at LKIM Jetty, Roadside passembor, Cendol, Mee Udang etc etc. As my friend Black says… “You will be fat if you lived here”.

My 6th time being in Penang brought me to these killer food (not that they literally kill you..duh)


Nasi Kandar Line Clear. One of the best. Small stall located between buildings in Downtown Penang. Near Chowrasta Market & Lebuh Campbell. I took the fried chicken, 2 lady fingers, 1 portion of vegi & the famous kuah campur (mixed gravy from almost all the offerings). RM5.70 + 20cent for the plain iced water.



The best Maggi Goreng I’ve ever tasted, Ever! Restoran Khaleel is located at the famous Gurney Drive by the sea. You can really taste the curry powder, and they fry it nicely (no burned part like most mamak would do). I think they also put in small tiny prawns.


The nasi kandar looks good too, with variety of lauk pauk.


At the famous Esplanade (Padang Kota Lama), these can be found


The famous Mee Sotong. Fried Mee topped with Sambal sotong. Rm3.50 for a basic meal up to Rm5 for the extra version. The mee is nicely done. Thick and savoury. The sambal sotong is also very rich, a bit spicy bot not too hot. It is quite sweet and the sotong is cut small. Easy to digest.


Mr Hameed in action.


Amru + Siti Fadzilah

This is us. The next phase is obvious. When someone great comes into your life and motivates you to work hard, be a better person, fall in love (madly) supports you through thick and thin, you know what to do. You say the 3 sacred words. “I Love You”


Amrufm’s May 2009 Top 12 pictures.

As of from now, I’ll be posting my own best pictures from every month. A max of 2 pics only from each event/shoot from that month.

* A lot of the pics had been posted earlier in their own respective postings.

best 1

best 2

best 3

best 4

best 5

best 6

best 7

best 8

best 9

best 10

best 11

best 12


2 responses

  1. yup…aku mmg risau kalau hang dok kat Penang ni…dari pagi sampai ke mlm asyik atur tempat mkn aja…ha..ha..ha..kena pesan kat Cik Ti suruh tolong tengok-tengokkan…hik..hik..hik…cuma yg aku heran…………hang kenai aku lagi lama…aku pun taking care apa…….awat hang x cakap pun ayat tu haaaa…..ishk..ishk…x paham aku….konpiusnya….

    June 12, 2009 at 7:09 pm

  2. hey… when is your next phase??? bole la tempah coklat hantaran or chocolate wedding door gift dr aku.. special price bole bg punya.. hehehehehhe

    June 14, 2009 at 2:41 am

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