Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “May wedding updates”

Assalamualaikum all. Its been a full week since my last update. Been meaning to do it but a whole lotta more pressing matters has to be settled. I’m back from Penang yesterday (work trip + a little makan-makan). I’m down with fever+muscle ache. Can’t even drive a car/motorcycle. Its been nearly 1 1/2 days I’m confined in my own house. Luckily I can still do work in front of my macbook. So…without further adieu, and upon request by the newlyweds, here are some preview shots from last weekend’s wedding shoots.

1st May 2009 (afternoon)

Aizat & Asiah were married in Banting. Several portraits after the solemnization ceremony. My assistant cum driver is Nazir.


The gorgeous bride Asiah


The handsome groom Aizat

1st May 2009 (evening)

Immediately after Aizat & Asiah’s solemnization we rushed to Bukit Damansara for Aziz & Aira’s Reception. All I can say is the food is in the top 3 best wedding food during my entire shooting career. terbaiks! I shot their Nikah ceremony. You can view the fabulous pics here.



3rd may 2009 (day)

I return to Banting (Asiah’s family home) for the bersanding ceremony. The highlight of the wedding shoot is the outdoor portraiture set at Pantai Kelanang (Near Morib Beach). Testing the prowess of my new 24mm lens, we manage to get good pics. And the couple is really sporting too. Even though the sun is too hot and everybody (including the photographer) squints their eyes throughout the shoot..hehehehe


Lovey dovey couple



* I went to eat Ikan Bakar at jalan Bellamy with Hafiz, Nazir & his wife Faizah. Not quite cheap but definitely tasty.



I took rice, bergedel, stir fry vegetable, 1 medium stingray, 1 squid & 1 watermelon lychee. It costs me RM20.

* The new Star Trek movie is a good one. Action from start to finish. The CGI is cutting edge and the resemblance of the cast to their old counterpart is spot on. My favourite is Chekov (during the wictor, wictor scene..hehehe)

See it at a cinema near you!

* The Sigma 24mm f1.8 is a killer lens. Better than my 30mm f1.4. Wait till I get an 85mm, then I can start shooting weddings with just primes!

* Manchester United won both leg of the UCL Semi Final over Arsenal!


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