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The story of “Bandung getaway”

Assalamualaikum all. Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been preparing for my 3 days shooting marathon last weekend, tons of office work and a girlfriend to attend to hehehe 🙂

Beside all the fab wedding shots I’ve done, I have my holiday shots from Bandung to share with you all. It’s a combined holiday (my Uni friends + my enchantedFOREST crew). The 8 of us went there for 4 days. The primary goal is shopping, but being photographers and foodie, we also did Fariz+Lisa’s pre wedding session and try to eat at nice places with great food.

All the pics are stored at my flickr page here. I’ll just put several that I like here. All shots are taken with my new D90, 30mm lens (90% of the time) and 10-20 wide angle lens (for landscape shots)

Day 01

Arrived at the airport around 7.30am. Our flight was on 9.30am. 2 hours later we arrived at Bandara Udara Hussein Sastranegara


You can take photos at the tarmac here in Bandung. In KL…never!


Toko 3 is the coolest and cheapest Jeans store ever! A Levis cost RM80 ~ 150+ depending on the style. Damn cheap man!


Shopping in Jalan Riau Factory outlet. The 2 main Factory Outlet stores are located at Jalan Riau and Jalan Dago. I asked Anan to take a cool portrait of myself..hehehe


Beware of beggars and sellers. If you don’t want to buy, don’t look at them. If you buy from any of them, they will follow you for the rest of your time at that location.


At Jalan Riau we went to 9 FOS…quite tiring. And not all sell good items. In front of the branded boutique. This one’s quite good. We spend like 5 hours alond this Jalan.


Beside Heritage, The Secret is one of the best FOS in Jalan Riau. The facade is cool enough for us to take group piccies.


pre-wedding shoot for enchantedCOUPLE Fariz & Lisa

The first night, we went for Dinner at a cool restaurant (Restoran Lisung) on top of a hill overlooking Bandung city. The food was not cheap, but still manageable after conversion to RM. Around 400K Rp for 8 people ~ RM18 each.


The view there is breathtaking.

Day 02

After a good night sleep. we all are ready for the second day shopping assault. First stop? Pasar baru. Our Supir, Pak Heri estimated 4 hours for us to shop and be done with, the final hour clocks at 8… like crazy.


Bandung’s railway track…a maze of criss-crossing track


My first stop at Pasar Baru is Manggo (2nd floor). A fabric retailer complete with it’s own tailors. My suit cost me 1.3 Million Rupiah ~ RM400. The owner is Pak Sanjay (looks like Laurence Fishburne aka Morpheus from The Matrix..hehehe)


Kham is still the queen of haggling. Here, she is buying some 15 set of embroidered telekung. Lisa and Fariz also bought more than 15 set of clothes for their family, bridesmaid and wedding dress.


Ayam Panggang Timbel Komplit (Complete with all the side dishes) is a meal that can be shared 2-4 people. Its gooooooood! And cheap too. 8 people eating 4 full chicken (every 2 person shares a whole chicken) + drinks cost only Rp150,000+ (Around RM6 ~ 7)


Jus Alpokat (Avocado + Chocolate) is also very good. Cost’s creamy and chocolaty. In Indonesia they never made watermelon into juice. For health reason they say. I wonder why…


Continuing after lunch, we bought baju batik, kain batik, kain pelekat, telekung and plain clothes. Bandung is indeed the fashion and fabric capital of Indonesia!


The streets of Bandung is full of commuters. Even though the rules are largely ignored, accident seldom occured. The vehicles (motorcycles, cars, lorries, 4WD) all drive within inches of each other. At every intersection, guys act like traffic police, with their whistle and bright flourescent jacket. A every shop and building, parking attendant helps you in and out of the traffic for 1000 Rp or more. What I can say, Indonesians are very creative in their own survival, there are beggars but there are more people working hard to earn money.


We pampered our body at the Everybody Refloxology center. Full body massage costs RM30 per package (for a 1 hour package). Cheap! All the girls took 1 1/2 hours full body massage and scrub costing RM45…huhuhu


Our second day haul…After the second day, most of us are not millionaire anymore…hehehe

Day 03

After a good night rest (badan sakit-sakit lepas kena urut) we all decided to go visit Tangkuban Parahu (Perahu Terbalik). A volcanic crater located some 1 1/2 hours from Bandung city.


In high spirits for our 3rd day holiday. Yang penting kena stop beli topup handphone..semuanya kaki gayut je…


On the way to the highlands. The air is cooler. We stop by a pine forest for Fariz & Lisa’s pre-wedding.


The enchantedFOREST crew by the biggest crater… Kawah Ratu. The view is magnifique!


Fariz took this fab pic of mine.


We stop by Kampung Daun. Eating here is quite expensive…so we decided to go to Inul’s restaurant in the city…


De Cost is a restaurant that offers 5 star food at a cheap price. The nasi goreng cost RM2 ~ 3!


Afterwards we sambung shopping at jalan Dago. Here’s Ayu a la Sex in the city shopping spree.


Nice shop izzit?


At midnight my long awaited suit arrived. It fits perfectly! Terus try and berjalan keliling hotel…hahahaha

Day 04


Last day dah takde sangat nak shopping, just some last minute order from Malaysia, some brownies (Kartika Sari or Amanda), some handbags and by noon we ought to be at the airport.


Kartika Sari sells the best Brownies. A large one sells for RM9 ~ 10. And it’s very good!


Us with our Supir, Pak Reza. Excellent service. He will suggest where to go and what to buy. Where to get halal food and the fastest route to get anywhere in Bandung. Call him at 081221158339 or pak Heri at 081320053341. If you wanna call them using iTALK, omit the 0 in front and add 62. So Pak Heri’s number will be 6281320053341.


Due to the congestion in my 2 bags..I have to wear things that I’ve bought in Bandung. new Levis jeans, new shirt, new leather shoes and new suit..hehehe. Went the only with 1 jeans, 1 kain pelekat, 2 shirts and several undershirts. And only 1 slipper. Go as a photographer, went back as a businessman…kekekeke


Goodbye Bandung


8 responses

  1. Amir

    Bandung mmg terbaik!! Uhuhu.. Syok tul tgk korang-korang shopping..

    May 5, 2009 at 9:02 am

  2. amru, you clean up nicely! love the suit! =) the FOS group shot is way cool.

    May 6, 2009 at 7:19 pm

  3. amrufm

    Thanks Amir, shopping sekali setahun je..hehehe

    Steph, Thanks for the complement. Wanna shoot together somemore?

    May 7, 2009 at 6:18 am

  4. Wani


    I chanced upon your blog when researching for my 3rd trip to bandung.. I must say you took some really beautiful shots 🙂

    And great tips by the way..
    Will definitely try out the massage (so cheeeap!) and that store at Jln Dago.. Beauuutiful..

    I love bandung! thanx 4 the helpful tips..

    May 23, 2009 at 3:03 am

  5. amy

    juz wanna ask where did u stay?how much it cost??
    and for transport what kind of mpv izit n how much???
    pls reply to my email

    April 29, 2010 at 10:12 am

  6. Ibrahim

    Some of the most beautiful and creative shots I’ve seen my friend. I’m going juga to Bandung this coming 10th June with my wife and family (grp of 6) just for Hari Raya shoping. Nak tau if you don’t mind how much Pak Reza charge daily for his transport…Ibrahim

    May 1, 2010 at 9:55 am

  7. zaiyurah


    Wow..i got something to prepare for my trip to Bandung. Tq for sharing. I already booked a flight tick to Bandung for nex July ..If u dont mind, can u suggest the best area to stay which is easy to access shopping area and also to avoid boring on night time..where i can get food or some entertainment..thnx again..

    June 4, 2010 at 2:44 pm

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