Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Sabah trip day 04/04 – Aligemuk, baby Auni, family & friends”

Assalamualaikum all. I’ve been to Bandung for enchantedFOREST’s first company holiday and was back yesterday. It was a blast shopping, sightseeing and shooting pics. Wait for the news update in a day or 2. Right now I wanna update on the last day me and Hafiz went to Sabah. We lepak with Aligemuk @ Ali Dahlan. He is a fellow Photoskool forumer and as a teacher, teaches at Membakut (about 1 hour from KK).

Ali brings his cute princess, Auni.


Isn’t she a cutie pie? with her big eyes and attentive stare, Auni is a photogenic baby.

The Sabah gang also send us back at the airport.

A short self portraiture session near the parking lot of the airport get me this picture. Th skin is repaired in Photoshop..hehehe..just a bit

Hafiz waiting at the airport.

Earlier that morning, we went to Mamutik Island for some R&R. The boat leave at 8 am and we lepak there for about 3 hours, swimming, snorkeling & chilling by the sea and listening to music on my Nokia 5800.

The view from KK pier.

Arriving at the island. During my previous hols to Sabah, I only went to Manukan. Due to suggestions from friends at facebook, we decided to try Mamutik. It’s smaller than Manukan but the corals is more beautiful. I even saw a valley full of clown fishes (nemo and family). The water is clear and the weather is fair.

Next time I come, I’ll definitely try the parasailing experience..hehehe.

The boat fare to the island (return) is RM17, Goggles and life jacket rental is RM15, Fins at RM5, Jetty fee RM6 and Conservation fee is RM3. Total RM43 for a priceless experience!


2 responses

  1. thanks.. amru…
    beruntung betul dapat kau amik gambar auni… cun cun semua…

    April 18, 2009 at 8:37 am

  2. amrufm

    Thanks Ali, aku yg takde duit ni..hanya ada skill aku untuk bagi kat kawan-kawan. Glad you love the pics. Aku pasti ke Sabah lagi..lain kali boleh menyinggah ke Membakut, layan chicken wings terbaik!!

    April 18, 2009 at 9:48 am

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