Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Sabah trip day 03/04 – Louis Pang Studio”

Assalamualaikum all. Well, me and Hafiz is already back in Shah Alam, but due to our trip to Malacca yesterday, Only now I had the time to upload new pics from the KK trip. On day 3, we went to see our mentor and teacher, Louis Pang. Our crazy plan were hatched 2 months back during the workshop. In order to get knowledge, you must search for it, and not just wait for it to come to you.

The trip to Sabah is a trip to relax, see things from a fresh new perspective, seeking guidance from people that had gone through the same path. We show Louis the video and pics from the pre-wedding shoot hoping that it could earn some accolades. In the end, we were humbled and the fact remains that it is a lifelong learning process. The barrier to break is within yourself. There is some much to learn and improvise. Excuses cannot take you far.

The 2 Nike shoes ready to roll

Our critic session. Good or bad, take it like a man

WPPI accolades. Someday I will win these

Jasmine is Louis’ other half and the administrator of Louis Pang Studio

True say!


Louis even belanja us Nasi Beriyani

With Josh, Voon & the entire LP Studio Crew

Later that day, we went movie watching at GSC KK. Watched Shinjuku Incident. A bit on the heavy drama side. Jackie Chan cannot Kung Fu, he cries, kill someone and is not funny like in his previous films. You may like it if you are a Jackie Chan fan. The best thing is the recliner seats and Caramel Popcorns. Delish!

We also meet up with my UiTM friend Jabbar who is a Sabahan and works for UiTM Sabah. We eat at the pasar malam near Phillipine Market. Ate 8 chicken wings and Beef fried rice. That rocks!


One response

  1. salam sifoo…lama x dgr cerita hang…aku pun tgh busy gila ni…bnyk yg aku sedang belajar ni…nak jadi bagus bkn mudah…tapi aku tetap sahut cabaran tu…thanks for the inspiration bro…betui kata hang…the longer you are the simpler it will be…but still impressive on arts of photography…taouch tu yg aku sedang cari dan practice ni…ada masa aku harap komen dan kritikan dari hang…
    ***pergh…Louis Pang tu…idolaku…

    April 15, 2009 at 5:14 am

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