Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Izza & Siddik”

Assalamualaikum all. It’s been a very very hectic month. All works must be finished before going on working holiday to KK next week and company holiday to Bandung the week after. Don’t be jealous that I’m able to go on 2 holidays back to back coz I’ve been working my ass of for the past 4 weeks…hehehe. Moreover, the Bandung trip was organized since August last year (we bought early bird tickets, Rm180 for 2 way from AirAsia).

2 weeks ago, I shoot for Izza & Siddik’s Nikah & sanding ceremony in Puchong. It was a simple affair with Siddik’s family flew from Tawau Sabah. The khutbah nikah was one of the longest so far I’ve experience. The Tok Kadi even detailed 5 types of lafaz akad nikah (Kelantan, johor, melaka, selangor & perak version…each with each own variation).

Other than that the ceremony proceeds smoothly. VIP was Datin Seri Wan Azizah, the wife of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (the opposition leader and PKR president). Friends of both bride and groom turned up in droves. The food was nice and the weather was excellent. After 4 we went to a nearby park for outdoor shoot (a very brief one). Rain falls heavily and cut it short. Enjoy the pics and wait for more pics tomorrow for other wedding updates.









My fav pic of the day!





* I’m layan’ing Earth Wind and Fire right now. One of my fav groups. The best is “September” and “After the love was gone”

* Tomorrow’s movie day is cancelled coz of overwhelming work. Movie can be downloaded or just buy the DVD..I wonder is there any High Definition version of Watchmen?

* Currently hooked on Gardenia’s Butterscotch bread. Rm4 for a medium size bread (approx 12+ slices). Try it yourself..It’s addictive like the Rotiboy!

* I’m 10Kg lighter since I started my diet plan. Was 85 in early January and now around 74-76Kg. I love being able to fit any clothes (even the ones I’ve not used for many years due to fattyness…hehehehe)


2 responses

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

    March 31, 2009 at 8:26 pm

  2. Amir

    Thanks for gave me valuable tips n guides during the day.. Plus ada pulak my pic kat sini.. Ahahaha.. Impress with all your work Bro..
    All the best yea!!

    April 4, 2009 at 5:55 am

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