Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Wednesday shoutout”

Assalamualaikum all.

2 movies, A Portuguese grill fish meal, free reading of photography magazines & window shopping. Bliss…bliss…bliss…..

Taken (starring Liam Neeson) is a 5 star film. Although I keep seeing Qui-Gon Jin (of Star Wars 1) in him, he is definitely a better James Bond than James Bond himself. A former CIA operative, he is focused in finding his abducted daughter from the clutches of Albanian Prostitution Ring. Watch out for knuckle cracking, gut spilling, head thumping, electrifying scenes. Recommended viewing. Approx 1 hour & 40 mins.


The International is not so entertaining. In the middle of the movie, you keeps asking yourself, how can you do what the protagonist aims to do…toppling the evil bank itself. But the dillemma is…the good guys cannot defeat the bad guys because of everyone’s involvement (the government, MNC’s, police, intelligence, crooks, judiciary, politician) in the web of deceit. He must become someone outside the system to defeat the bad guys. But then, he risk becoming a bad guy himself. It’s like what Ozymandias (a hero who operates in the grey area of right and wrong in Watchmen) did, that is using evil method to achieve peace. 3 stars, approx 2 hours.


* Tomorrow, more work, more updates
* Been thinking of what are my photography style and direction will go after this.. Maybe I’ll talk about it in another post
* The portuguese grill fish (dory) is superb! they’ve got dory & talapia now. In addition to the usual suspects (tenggiri, bawal, udang, sotong, pari, kembung, petai, lala). Get them at the newly refurbished Oasis Foodcourt in Midvalley Megamall (Level 2 nearby Machines & Canon store).


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