Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Weekend wrap up Part 1”

Assalamualaikum all. What I did for the last couple of days? Went for a live band show, Attended 2 friends wedding, join a kids photoshoot by moms and lepak with my hommies. The wrap up starts now (For more pics head on to my flickr page here)

First, pics from my 5800 Tube Hp:

Baby Waffles when she was at home (For cousin Hafeedz’s wedding)


Our lepak session at a Mamak restaurant in SACC Mall (the shop overcharge it’s food and upsell its menu without asking permission from customer. That sucks. I’m boycotting the restaurant now. So don’t wanna put the name here.)

The Section 2 boys

Sabry – Anneza wedding.

Sabry is a classmate during my Form 4 & 5 days. Lives in Section 6, I fondly remember him as a tennis player. He also takes good care of his text books so that he can sell it the next year.


With us, L-R Apai & Partner, The couple, Faisal, Bo & Amru

Azzam & Bo

The newlyweds, Kamarul & Maslina

Faris & Lisa

Ucop & his friends

I also went to Epi’s wedding. He’s a neighbour, senior in school & active in the scouts. used to hangout and go camping together during our schooldays.

Me & Tariq with the couple

This is interesting, Epi’s aunty is a staff at UMMC (University Hospital). I’m a regular blood donor there and she’s the one that draws it from me! hahaha..what a small world.

I’ll continue tomorrow with pics from the hospital room. Baby Shania Amani, Shahrul Izham & Wan Surini’s firstborn.


One response

  1. bza

    nampak je nama kedai mamak tu.. kasi spray sket la.

    March 23, 2009 at 2:22 pm

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