Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Swinging with Mocca in Shah Alam”

Assalamualaikum all. I’m burning with the passion of finishing 8 wedding assignments..huhuhu..add that to several shooting assignments and family activities.

Last night the famous band from Bandung, Mocca came to town! Mocca is known for its distinctive sound fused with swing, bossanova, swedish pop and jazz. Arina (vocal & flute), Riko (guitar), Toma (Bass) & Indra (Drums) is the backbone of the band supported by a keyboardist & trumpet player during the gig. More on their history – wikipedia – and their official website here –>

Admission is RM25 for early bird and RM35 for purchase before the performance.

The opening bands were Decma and The Could Have Been…


And Rumi (I really dig their songs. Melancholic and haunting. Reminisce songs from the 80’s complete with synthesized sounds). Check out


At 9.50pm the band take center stage. And the crowd goes wild (in a polite and orderly kinda way…hehehe..imagine that..just like Layar Tanchap performance).


Cutie pie Arina is really cute! Hard to believe she’s 31 😛 She really can talk fast..and in a kinda mak nenek style ..hehhee Kawaiiiii!


Toma sets the bass sound perfectly


She also plays the flute


While Arina is the main attraction and exudes calmness, Riko is a whirlwind of energy…its fun seeing him playing non-stop


The crowd is really enjoying the show and singing together with the band. Among the songs played were Happy, Me and My Boyfriend, The Best Thing, My Only One, On The Night Like This, Secret Admirer, I Remember and 2 new songs Lucky Me (I like!) and Promises.


One of the highlights of the performance was Arina dancing with 3 male volunteers. They get a free cd and the opportunity to camwhore using the handphone with her…Lucky them 🙂


After 1 hours and 15 minutes the band wrapped the performance with my favorite Mocca song “Life Keeps Turning”….I Love it! hahahaha


Come again Mocca!

* Check out Mocca’s videos in Youtube. They’re hillarious especially Me and MY Boyfriend & Life Keeps Turning.
* No flash were used by me during the shooting. Kadang2 curi flash orang je…Lens used 80-200mm f2.8. Kan best if I have a D700…hmmm


One response

  1. aL

    no flash was used?
    but u managed to snap good pictures tho!

    April 5, 2009 at 10:15 am

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