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The story of “Food review:Kelantan”

Assalamualaikum all. As promised..the pics from my eating trip in Kelantan. In 4 days, there’s not so many place that me and Ahmad Shah (The groom) can go due to the wedding schedules. Here I present to you several places worth going.

The first one is Kedai Makan Kharifa (Kharifa Food Place) in Panji. Situated beside a chinese graveyard, they serve Belut (Eel) cooked Phat Pet Style as one of the main course.


The menu. Price is not cheap, but manageable. Approx RM4-15 per dish according to size.


Our Phat Pet Eel (served in sizzling pan). Its sour and spicy. Eel taste like catfish. And supposedly god for man’s libido šŸ™‚


Black pepper beef. This one’s a killer. Can really taste the black peppercorns. You eat all the dish with rice, we didnt order any veggie dish. But they will serve you cool cucumber (serve in a small plate with ice) to cool your mouth.


Every morning we go to this small gerai by the roadside. Its a generic style gerai. you find the same one all over Kelantan. They serve mainly rice dish (nasi kerabu, nasi berlauk, nasi ulam, nasi dagang, pulut, and kuih-muih). The price is sooooo cheap. Expect to pay RM1-4 per person.


Ahmad Shah ate this rice with chicken curry, veggie and egg.


Wash it down with hot tea and currypuff.


Mine is this rice with fried beef, veggie, sambal (hot chilli paste) and kerisik (grated coconut).
The 3 items just now including 4 kuih cost us only RM6.30!


These kind of stalls also is very common in Kelantan. Sugarcane & Coconut juice. They also sell ….


On the left is my favorite…Coconut Jelly (Rm1 each). On the right is Dadih (like yoghurt but i don’t like them).


We also go food hunting at Yati Ayam Percik (Yati’s Percik Chicken). The price is not cheap. But the quality is good.


Ayam percik (grilled marinated chicken) is the main draw. They also have chicken feet, wings, skin, heart etc etc.


One of my fav pantai timur (east coast) food is this. Satar (fish paste wrapped in leaves and grilled).


The staple food of Kelantanese people…Nasi Kerabu cost only RM1.80. Rice mixed with various ulam, kerisik, sambal & budu.


I love the daging bakar (roast beef). Cost RM5.


Look how happy one is after eating Kelantanese food…hehehe.. After marrying a Kelantanese, Ahmad Shah will have lots of time sampling various delicacy from Kelantan.

* East cost people (including Pahang & Terengganu) eat heavily in the morning. Just like me.
* The staple food is rice. But noodle, kueytiow & roti canai are also just as important.
* Kelantanese food is known for its sweetness. Make sure to order any drink “kurang manis” (less sugar). This is obvious in the kuih-muih. They are much more sweeter than the ones in other states.

* All shots using Nikon D80 & Sigma 30mm f1.4


3 responses

  1. alalalalala… sedap nye semua foods iteww….
    teringat trip ke kelantan… mkn nasi kerabu umah cikgu mat samat…
    yati percik… boleh ckp sll mkn kt Mydin USJ… tp dah x berapa sedap & expensive juger….

    kecur liur akak dik…..

    March 4, 2009 at 9:17 am

  2. amrufm

    Hahaha..Tau takpe kak Mala..masa lalu raub kan, nampak rokiah sate..kenangan LIBK29..heeehhehe

    March 4, 2009 at 10:23 am

  3. hahaha… akak mmg selalu ingat rokiah sate… ingat rokiah sate.. ingat amru!!

    March 5, 2009 at 12:43 am

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