Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

The story of “Akar & stage performances”

Quick update: The 5800 ExpressMusic is mine! wahahaha..First time buying a handphone that costs more than RM500. Cool phone!

Yesterday went for Doa Selamat at Shahrul’s. After the makan-makan, we played Cranium for 2 hours. 3 teams of 4-5 person each. I didn’t win but did have a blast playing anyways. Last night went movie-watching with Wafi, Jazdee, Shahrul & Sue. They wanna watch Benjamin Button. Since I’ve already watch it, I went for Valkyrie alone. After the movie (both movies end up at the same time), we went to William’s for late night snack. I ate a Triple H sandwich (fillings include Roast beef, Cheese & beef salami). The sandwich is then wrapped with egg (a la Burger special) and served with Thousand Island & mayo sauce. Only RM5. For drinks, I took the Mango ice blended with lychee (RM3). Wafi ate the Mee Raja Ayam. Shahrul ordered the chicken+beef platter & Jazdee ate the chicken platter.

Move on to the topic of the day. Stage performance.

Since several years ago, Layar Tanchap has been a staple event organized every 2 months located at Shah Alam’s Laman Budaya (near galeri Shah Alam). From 9pm till midnight, young musicians, poet & performers performed their original works in front of a crowd. You have jazz band, r&b singers, live impromptu singing & rapping, singing battle, poetry recital, artistic expression etc etc.

Last month, The event evolved into AKAR. The blog.

Went there armed with my D80 & 2 lenses. The 30mm f1.4 & 85mm f1.8. I boosted my ISO to 1600 and change the color setting to B&W. All pics are unedited to give it a gritty look.

Akar 01
The location.

Akar 02
Part of the 200++ crowd.

Akar 03

Akar 04
Syai the MC.

Akar 05
List of the night’s performers

Akar 06
Fynn Jamal’s live impromptu singing

Akar 07
Another view of the stage

Akar 08
Group Arus practising

Akar 09
Photo exhibition by Chaps (Chap Ayam Photographers)

Akar 10
Sound of Acoustic. One of the best performance that night.

Akar 11
Group Arus in Action with the song “Kakiku di bibirmu”

Akar 12
Otam & Ninja Seni


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