Photographer based in Shah Alam, Malaysia

Viva La Revolution!

The blog has been around for 2 months now but from now on I will be updating it regularly. In the light of the recent Gaza Massacre, I decided to stop using Fotopages (Israel is the originating country of the company that owns it). But for record purposes will be around (because of the 360 entries I accumulated over the past 3+ years).

I’m just back from Louis Pang’s From Ordinary to Extraordinary Workshop. Held at Capitol Hotel, KL from 6-8 Feb 09. 19 photographers attend the 3 days course. A mixture of theory, practical, Q&A, individual shooting session, group shooting session, 3 minutes “get the shot” session & critique sessions. Louis Pang is a very inspiring teacher, who teaches at a fast pace but didn’t leave any of the students behind.

CM Leung (one of HK top wedding photographer) also show us lighting techniques using video light.

Here are several of my best work during the workshop.

Marilyn hide and seek

A shot taken during our tea-break

3 minute challenge. marilyn in the bathtub

3 minute challenge. Marilyn in the bathtub. We had only 3 minutes to set up the model, lighting and camera setting. Definitely challlenging.

Darren & Vanessa at the railway station

Darren & Vanessa at the railway station. Individual task. Shooting at the vicinity of the KL railway station.


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  1. Ian

    Hey bro!

    I’m the first to post on your blog! Looking good, bro, looking good! Keep the post coming…

    February 10, 2009 at 10:48 am

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