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The Story of “Debrina & Ali – Akad Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. What a hectic weekend for me. Friday I shoot for Bank Rakyat’s Annual Dinner at KLCC Convention Center. On Saturday, Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali Yusof’s akad nikah solemnization at Masjid At Taqwa in TTDI. Saturday afternoon was my newborn nephew Marwan’s Aqiqah at my parent’s home in Shah Alam while Sunday was spent shooting Debrina & Ali’s reception in Tropicana Golf & Resort.

Let me showcased gorgeous images from the akad nikah ceremony. It was an event to remember, Malays, Chinese, Gwailos and other races filled masjid At Taqwa to witness the blessed ceremony.

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 001

Both mother and daughter looks beautiful. Maggie and Debrina.

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 002

Sunny July weather in TTDI

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 003

Friends and family come from near and far

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 004

Confident groom stepping in

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 005

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 006

1 Malaysia concept at work. all the ladies looks stunning in baju kurung, kebaya and selendang

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 007

Just 1 try for the akad

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 008

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 009

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 010

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 011

Ali & Debrina’s family together

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 012

Debrina’s tray bearers are 8 ladies in red

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 013

While Ali’s tray bearer are hunks in red Baju Melayu

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 014

The food was really good. For me who had to skip breakfast…it was a godsend…hehehehe

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 015

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 016

Wait for more pics later :)

The Story of “Nadiatul Nazifah & Wan Muhammad Fahmi Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. Here are the pics from the Terengganu wedding last week. Nadia is Dato’ Mohamed Awang Tera’s daughter number 6 (out of 9 siblings). Wan Mohd Fahmi is the cousin of her sister in law. The solemnization was held in Chukai, Kemaman, Terengganu after Isya’. I was assisted by Mizan (TQ Didiz for the recommendation).

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 01 s

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 03 s

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 02 s

Kids are lovely…and can wreck havoc at the same time..LOL

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 04 s

White is radiant

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 06 s

Bride’s father in gold.

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 07 s

It took fahmi 2 takes because of the different script for solemnization…

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 08 s

Man and Wife

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 09 s

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 10 s

With both side’s parents and the tray bearers

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 05 s

I’ll be back with updates for the second solemnization between Najwa & Khairil that was held the next morning. Stay tuned!

The Story of “Faizal & Shafarina Akad Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. Last Saturday I had the honour of capturing the moments from my schoolmate Faizal Ariffin Rasooldeen’s Akad Nikah to his fiancee Shafarina Ansari. The Akad Nikah was held at Masjid Al Amaniah in Selayang. This is my third time shooting an Indian Muslim wedding. Here are the pictures from the event….

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-01

The very handsome groom

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-02

Family members feed him milk before the ceremony

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-03

Indian art of henna are simply amazing!

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-04

As well as the glowing bride

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-05

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-06

Family members carrying trays of hantaran (wedding gifts)

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-07

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-08

During the solemnization ceremony

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-09

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-10

Bride’s family

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-11

Groom’s family

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-12

The bride change into a Saree for their wedding portrait at her family home

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-13

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-14

Drop me some comments ya. Lookout for more pics later :)

The Story of “Anis & Along Nikah″

Assalamualaikum all. Long time i didnt update…finally married my sweetheart darling baby gurl wife wifey on the 11th of Feb in Penang. Our pics are being edited but will probably uploaded by end of the month. let me update on Anis & Along first. Along is my junior in High School. The couple met in Sekolah Teknik Ipoh and in form 5 they start to date and after 12 years they were married. How sweet ….awww..

Along is an English Teacher while Anis is a stewardess with Air Asia X. Both couple were cool but quite nervous during the nikah. Lucky the Kadhi were really sporting and funny. Around 80+ of their family members and friends attended the nikah held at a mosque in PJ.

Along + Anis 001 jpg

Along + Anis 002 jpg

Along + Anis 003 jpg

Along + Anis 004 jpg

Along + Anis 005 jpg

Along + Anis 006 jpg

Along + Anis 007 jpg

Along + Anis 008 jpg

Along + Anis 009 jpg

Along + Anis 010 jpg

Along + Anis 011 jpg

Along + Anis 012 jpg

Along + Anis 013 jpg

Along + Anis 014 jpg

Along + Anis 015 jpg

The Story of “Sam & Azan”

Assalamualaikum all. I’m still in the process of finishing all the updates for May & June weddings. The past several weeks are full with corporate works and portrait shoot, in addition to training my staff.

Sam is my junior back in UiTM, she took the same Diploma (CS110 – Dip in Computer Science) & Bachelor’s Degree (CS224 – Business Computing) as me. She met Azan while doing her Masters Degree as both of them are athletes playing table tennis. The wedding was held at Sam’s family home in Subang Jaya in 1 day. Morning is the Nikah ceremony while the Sanding was held in the afternoon. The weather was nice, the family quite happening (and photo-friendly)  and the couple easy to shoot. Here are some of the selected pics from their wedding.

Sam+Azan Nikah-122

Sam+Azan Nikah-131

Sam+Azan Nikah-132

Sam+Azan Nikah-133

Sam+Azan Nikah-135

Sam+Azan Sanding-102

Sam+Azan Sanding-106

Sam+Azan Sanding-110

Sam+Azan Sanding-112

Sam+Azan Sanding-115

Sam+Azan Sanding-126

Sam+Azan Sanding-130

Sam+Azan Sanding-134

Sam+Azan Sanding-138

Sam+Azan Sanding-141

Sam+Azan Sanding-133

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The story of “Izza & Siddik”

Assalamualaikum all. It’s been a very very hectic month. All works must be finished before going on working holiday to KK next week and company holiday to Bandung the week after. Don’t be jealous that I’m able to go on 2 holidays back to back coz I’ve been working my ass of for the past 4 weeks…hehehe. Moreover, the Bandung trip was organized since August last year (we bought early bird tickets, Rm180 for 2 way from AirAsia).

2 weeks ago, I shoot for Izza & Siddik’s Nikah & sanding ceremony in Puchong. It was a simple affair with Siddik’s family flew from Tawau Sabah. The khutbah nikah was one of the longest so far I’ve experience. The Tok Kadi even detailed 5 types of lafaz akad nikah (Kelantan, johor, melaka, selangor & perak version…each with each own variation).

Other than that the ceremony proceeds smoothly. VIP was Datin Seri Wan Azizah, the wife of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (the opposition leader and PKR president). Friends of both bride and groom turned up in droves. The food was nice and the weather was excellent. After 4 we went to a nearby park for outdoor shoot (a very brief one). Rain falls heavily and cut it short. Enjoy the pics and wait for more pics tomorrow for other wedding updates.









My fav pic of the day!





* I’m layan’ing Earth Wind and Fire right now. One of my fav groups. The best is “September” and “After the love was gone”

* Tomorrow’s movie day is cancelled coz of overwhelming work. Movie can be downloaded or just buy the DVD..I wonder is there any High Definition version of Watchmen?

* Currently hooked on Gardenia’s Butterscotch bread. Rm4 for a medium size bread (approx 12+ slices). Try it yourself..It’s addictive like the Rotiboy!

* I’m 10Kg lighter since I started my diet plan. Was 85 in early January and now around 74-76Kg. I love being able to fit any clothes (even the ones I’ve not used for many years due to fattyness…hehehehe)


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