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The Story of “Love of all ages”


I’ve been very lazy, shooting but not editing nor updating. I intends to change that. Stay tune for lotsa updates. Here and also my facebook fanpage here—->

 L-299 copy

 L-154 copy

The Story of “Marina’s Convo”

Assalamualaikum all. I’ve been very quiet on the blog for the past 3 months…since Ramadhan. I’m doing lots of non-wedding assignment but I’m not in the right state of mind to do a blog posting….a mild case of photographer’s block.. :(

My for mer practical student, Marina from UiTM recently had her convocation..Here’s some of the highlights from the day. UiTM is not using their Dewan Seri Budiman and Dewan Annexe anymore. It’s now the newly built Dean Agong Tuanku Canselor (DATC). It’s a mammoth of a building beside UiTM Stadium and Kolej Perindu (my old college haha).





The Story of “Zafirah & Faisal Akad Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Kareem dan selamat berpuasa.


I’ve just finished shooting for Firra (Zafirah Sulaiman) & Faisal (Faisal Poat Kamal), both are my juniors in FTMSK UiTM (MARA University of Technology, Faculty of IT& Quantitative Science). When approached for this job about seven months ago, I was already excited because both of the couple are cheerful and bubbly. They love to smile and pose at the camera. First event of the wedding ceremony is the Akad Nikah (Solemnization) held at Firra’s family home in Bandar Utama.















Wait for more pics from their reception at Dewan Perdana Felda :)

The Story of “Debrina & Ali – Akad Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. What a hectic weekend for me. Friday I shoot for Bank Rakyat’s Annual Dinner at KLCC Convention Center. On Saturday, Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali Yusof’s akad nikah solemnization at Masjid At Taqwa in TTDI. Saturday afternoon was my newborn nephew Marwan’s Aqiqah at my parent’s home in Shah Alam while Sunday was spent shooting Debrina & Ali’s reception in Tropicana Golf & Resort.

Let me showcased gorgeous images from the akad nikah ceremony. It was an event to remember, Malays, Chinese, Gwailos and other races filled masjid At Taqwa to witness the blessed ceremony.

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 001

Both mother and daughter looks beautiful. Maggie and Debrina.

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 002

Sunny July weather in TTDI

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 003

Friends and family come from near and far

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 004

Confident groom stepping in

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 005

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 006

1 Malaysia concept at work. all the ladies looks stunning in baju kurung, kebaya and selendang

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 007

Just 1 try for the akad

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 008

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 009

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 010

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 011

Ali & Debrina’s family together

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 012

Debrina’s tray bearers are 8 ladies in red

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 013

While Ali’s tray bearer are hunks in red Baju Melayu

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 014

The food was really good. For me who had to skip breakfast…it was a godsend…hehehehe

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 015

Debrina Aliyah & Muhammad Ali - Akad Nikah 016

Wait for more pics later :)

The Story of “Najwa & Khairil Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. A continuation from the last post. The next day after Fahmi & Nadia’s akad nikah ceremony, It’s time for Najwa and her prince Khairil. Khairil is Naqiuddin’s classmate (Najwa’s big bro) during school. He’s an engineer while she’s a PhD student. Sound like a cool engineer and a doctor. Enjoy with the pics :)

Najwa & Khairil 001

Najwa & Khairil 002

Best friends, cousin and sisters

Najwa & Khairil 003

Najwa & Khairil 004

Najwa & Khairil 005

Eldest brother Dr Mahyuddin is the MC. Khairil had a head start..he memorized the script for akad nikah and breeze through the solemnization confidently :)

Najwa & Khairil 006

Moms of the bride and groom

Najwa & Khairil 007

Najwa & Khairil 008

Adults enjoy the company, kids are still busy with their world

Najwa & Khairil 009

Najwa & Khairil 010

They change into a nice light orange dress and suit

Najwa & Khairil 012

Najwa & Khairil 011

Good looking couple. Stay tuned for the main event at Taman Tamadun Islam Convention Center :)

The Story of “Nadiatul Nazifah & Wan Muhammad Fahmi Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. Here are the pics from the Terengganu wedding last week. Nadia is Dato’ Mohamed Awang Tera’s daughter number 6 (out of 9 siblings). Wan Mohd Fahmi is the cousin of her sister in law. The solemnization was held in Chukai, Kemaman, Terengganu after Isya’. I was assisted by Mizan (TQ Didiz for the recommendation).

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 01 s

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 03 s

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 02 s

Kids are lovely…and can wreck havoc at the same time..LOL

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 04 s

White is radiant

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 06 s

Bride’s father in gold.

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 07 s

It took fahmi 2 takes because of the different script for solemnization…

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 08 s

Man and Wife

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 09 s

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 10 s

With both side’s parents and the tray bearers

Nadia & Fahmi Nikah kolaj 05 s

I’ll be back with updates for the second solemnization between Najwa & Khairil that was held the next morning. Stay tuned!

The Story of “Faizal & Syafarina After Event Portraiture”

Assalamualaikum all. About a month ago I went to Genting together with my friend cum client Faizal and his wife Syafarina for their after event portraiture. This is the result of a 5 hours photoshoot..enjoy!


Firstly they wear suit & Saree. This particular one costs thousands of Ringgit! It was very elaborate and the workmanship…superb.




The sun was shining brightly, had to get them some shades. Beautiful scenery..reminds me of Salem cigarettes advertisement when I was a kid..hehehe


A tinge of yellow and orange.







This pics are taken at the First World Hotel Carpark…lucky to have such blue sky that day :)


And lastly we took pictures at Shah Alam’s most recognizable icon..The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque aka Blue Mosque.


I just love the mixture of blue and yellow during sunset…delicious!

The Story of “Nur Izzati & Yusalmie Wedding Reception”

Assalamualaikum all.

After the solemnization on Saturday, it’s time for the wedding reception. Izzati and family live at Pangsapuri Tanjung Tokong. Not far from masjid Tuan Guru Tanjung Tokong (the place where I was married to my wife 3 months ago). The bridal boutique did a superb job. Blue and white was the chosen color. And the details they put into the overall scheme was very very nice. Even the caterer did a good job. Fantastic food (those big tiger prawn!) and good service.

Without further adieu, here are the pics from the event….


Even being held at the apartment parking space, the event was really lively. I think about a thousand+ guest came!


See those big prawns? Its a pity each guest gets only 1 hehehehehe
Their gift box was tagged with a cute picture from their pre-wedding picture.


One of the better looking dais I’ve seen. Complete with waterfall backdrop with real water running!
Mr groom wears a simple white Nehru jacket while the bride looks fantabulous in blue and white ensemble with lots of embroideries.


Love the details.


The groom came from Dungun, Terengganu (My childhood kampung..heheh).
A band that plays 60’s music adds up to the lively atmosphere. They even plays hindi music…I like!





This is Azfar, bride’s elder brother. Not many people put their name at the back of their collar..hahaha..nice touch.


That’s me in white shirt. Yes…I’ve put on weight since my own wedding…what to do when my lovely wife cooks for me everyday…eat to live :)

Congrats to Izzati & Yusalmie. Wish all the happiness in the world for you.

The Story of “Nur Izzati & Yusalmie Solemnization”

Assalamualaikum all. I’m currently in the beautiful island of Penang. Shooting weddings and enjoying several days rest at my wife’s family home in Tanjung Tokong.Good food and some rest can do wonders you know!

Yesterday I shot an akad nikah (solemnization ceremony) between Nur Izzati & Yusalmie. Both of them studied at UUM Sintok and graduated together about a year ago. Izzati was my wife’s classmate during her schooldays. The venue for the ceremony is Masjid Terapung Tanjung Bungah (Floating Mosque). During high tide the view here is beautiful as well as during sunset.

Without further adieu, here are the pics from the event. More pics from the Bersanding ceremony (wedding reception) tomorrow :)


Interior of the mosque.


Nervous groom and bride.



Yus was a very confident groom. Took only 1 try to make it official.


Looking demure and resplendent in a white wedding dress, Izzati waited patiently for her man to become her husband.


Happiness and laughter are contagious.



I simply love the ring shots this time around :))

The Story of “Arman & Ayu family”

Assalamualaikum all. These past few weeks are quite exciting coz I did several coroprate events, several family portraits and no wedding shoot…Hahahahaha!

A lady called me one day to enquire about family portraits, we discussed in great length on the shoot for her family. In the end, turns out that she’s married to my aunty’s brother in law. What a small world! They even attended my wedding back in February…hehehe

Arman, Ayu, Aiman & Mira stayed for several days at Cyberview Lodge in Cyberjaya. We did a simple family portrait at the resort itself. Even though a heavy downpour occured just half hour before the shoot, photoshop saved the day by giving the pictures a warm and cheerful tone. Enjoy the pics from the shoot :)





More pics later :)

The Story of “Kids Portraiture”

Assalamualaikum all. The day after my wedding reception in Shah Alam, I did a portraiture for Pn Noorlida located a a public park in Shah Alam. 5 kids ranging from 4 to 17. We spend about an hour plus…lucky for us the weather is fair and the sun shines brightly. Enjoy the pictures!

101 s

102 s

106 s

105 s

104 s

103 s

The Story of “Faizal & Syafarina Reception”

Assalamualaikum all. I’m back with an update of Episode 2 of Faizal & Syafarina’s wedding Reception. Both family co-organized the joint reception at Dewan Raja Muda Musa located at Kompleks Belia Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. A staggering 180 tables (for a maximum of 1800 guest!) was prepared. Catering is done by Syed Restaurant. Menu of Briyani rice with an assortment of Chicken, Mutton, Dhall & vegetables are simply my favorite…so delish!

Faizal look suave in a black suit while Syafarina wears a beautiful Saree. Enjoy the pics from the big event.







My best friend Wafi is the MC for the day. Reminiscing the days from school in which he is the prefect in charge of reading the doa and as the MC of the daily and weekly school assembly.






I love the car. Owned by one of Faizal’s cousin (his father own a very famous Nasi Kandar Restaurant in KL city)…and costing RM460k…wooohoo..very nice indeed


The Story of “Faizal & Shafarina Akad Nikah”

Assalamualaikum all. Last Saturday I had the honour of capturing the moments from my schoolmate Faizal Ariffin Rasooldeen’s Akad Nikah to his fiancee Shafarina Ansari. The Akad Nikah was held at Masjid Al Amaniah in Selayang. This is my third time shooting an Indian Muslim wedding. Here are the pictures from the event….

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-01

The very handsome groom

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-02

Family members feed him milk before the ceremony

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-03

Indian art of henna are simply amazing!

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-04

As well as the glowing bride

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-05

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-06

Family members carrying trays of hantaran (wedding gifts)

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-07

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-08

During the solemnization ceremony

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-09

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-10

Bride’s family

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-11

Groom’s family

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-12

The bride change into a Saree for their wedding portrait at her family home

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-13

Faizal & Shafarina Nikah-14

Drop me some comments ya. Lookout for more pics later :)

The Story of “Kids galore at enchantedFOREST Studio”

Assalamualaikum all. Finish with the Vietnam updates, hope you all like what I write and capture. If you wanna travel there do research a bit to get the best deal. Also buy the plane tickets early for more savings.

last year, Munawar & Nadia came for a studio photoshoot with their family. This year, they bring Nadia’s entire family including her parents.

Nadia Family-107

Nadia Family-108

Nadia Family-110

Thank God the kids are very photogenic and loves being in the limelight :)

Nadia Family-109

Nadia Family-111

The boys loves Rocky very much…hehehe

Nadia Family-105

Munawar, Nadia, Zara & Arshad

Nadia Family-104

La Familia

Nadia Family-106]

Nadia Family-103

Nadia Family-102

Nadia Family-101

I Love my job! Wait for more updates tomorrow!

The Story of “O my beloved, my most loved one!!! || Wedding photography by Amrufm the Storyteller”

O my beloved, my most loved one!!! || Wedding photography by Amrufm the Storyteller

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The Story of “New promotions”

Assalamualaikum all.

Introducing brand new promotions for March till May. Booking can be made within these 3 month. Actual event can be up until end of 2011.

The Petals of a Rose || Engagement ceremony photography by Amrufm

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The Little Chirping Birds of the Garden || Pre wedding session with Amrufm

Promo - Pre-Post-Wedding

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The Story of “Along & Anis Bertandang”

Assalamualaikum all. As promised this is the last event in Along & Anis series of wedding pictures. The location for this event was in Kompleks Taman Kesenian Islam Shah Alam. A sprawling complex with a lot of indoor space. The eating area for guest were divided into 3 places while the center court was the place for the pelamin. Good weather all day long and the couple were gorgeous in Royal Blue Songket.

I have to say I really enjoy the dessert they included in the was coconut jelly and karipap! Myself were eating the jellies about 4 times :)

Enjoy the pics and for new enquiries on wedding packages, a new package will come out in the next few day. So watch this space. Enjoy!

Anis + Along 13 jpg

Anis + Along 01 jpg

Anis + Along 03 jpg

Anis + Along 04 jpg

Anis + Along 05 jpg

Anis + Along 07 jpg

Anis + Along 08 jpg

Anis + Along 02 jpg

Anis + Along 16 jpg

Anis + Along 12 jpg

Anis + Along 11 jpg

Anis + Along 10 jpg

Anis + Along 14 jpg

Anis + Along 17 jpg

Anis + Along 19 jpg

Anis + Along 06 jpg

Anis + Along 09  jpg

Anis + Along 18 jpg

Anis + Along 15 jpg

The Story of “Anis & Along Sanding”

Assalamualaikum all. With help from my new graphic designer, I’m able to edit somemore pics and share it with you all.

The sanding ceremony was held the next day after the nikah and at a nearby multipurpose hall. Both groom and bride wore bright red but the day is not as bright. Since 8am in the morning, rain falls and falls without stopping even as I pack my gears and head home at 6pm…talk about a very wet wedding.

Since we were not able to go outdoors, all our shoot were indoor but I think we did just ok :)

Anis + Along 24 jpg

Anis + Along 23 jpg

Anis + Along 27 jpg

Anis + Along 22 jpg

Anis + Along 21 jpg

Anis + Along 16 jpg

Anis + Along 20 jpg

Anis + Along 19 jpg

Anis + Along 18 jpg

Anis + Along 29 jpg

Anis + Along 28 jpg

Anis + Along 17 jpg

Anis + Along 26 jpg

Anis + Along 25 jpg

Part 3 aka Majlis Bertandang (Guy’s side) coming tomorrow! The best of the 3 events :)

The Story of “Anis & Along Nikah″

Assalamualaikum all. Long time i didnt update…finally married my sweetheart darling baby gurl wife wifey on the 11th of Feb in Penang. Our pics are being edited but will probably uploaded by end of the month. let me update on Anis & Along first. Along is my junior in High School. The couple met in Sekolah Teknik Ipoh and in form 5 they start to date and after 12 years they were married. How sweet ….awww..

Along is an English Teacher while Anis is a stewardess with Air Asia X. Both couple were cool but quite nervous during the nikah. Lucky the Kadhi were really sporting and funny. Around 80+ of their family members and friends attended the nikah held at a mosque in PJ.

Along + Anis 001 jpg

Along + Anis 002 jpg

Along + Anis 003 jpg

Along + Anis 004 jpg

Along + Anis 005 jpg

Along + Anis 006 jpg

Along + Anis 007 jpg

Along + Anis 008 jpg

Along + Anis 009 jpg

Along + Anis 010 jpg

Along + Anis 011 jpg

Along + Anis 012 jpg

Along + Anis 013 jpg

Along + Anis 014 jpg

Along + Anis 015 jpg

The Story of “Fariz & Erni Part 3″

Assalamualaikum all.

It’s only 5 days away from my own big day!

After 2 fantastic events in Penang, It’s time for the Shah Alam side of it. Dewan Banquet MBSA was the location and lotsa my friends held their event here previously. The highlight was the marvellous Silat performance by young kids. The pelamin looks gorgeous and the food was really good. By 3.40pm almost all food were consumed.

fariz 15 copy

The couple prepared at the nearby Quality Hotel. After a week as husband and wife, they are more comfortable in front of the camera now :)

fariz 10 copy

fariz 11 copy

Somebody requested for Puteri Gunung Ledang type of Crown…and she got it!

fariz 09 copy

fariz 02 copy

Blackberry Love

fariz 06 copy

fariz 08 copy

Sultan for the day. Fariz looks dashing!

fariz 12 copy

fariz 04 copy

fariz 03 copy

fariz 01 copy

fariz 07 copy

fariz 13 copy

fariz 14 copy

fariz 05 copy

The Story of “Erni & Fariz Part 2″

Assalamualaikum all.

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banner promo jan jpeg2

After the akad nikah between Erni & Fariz, the next day Setia Pearl Island in Penang Island is the location for their wedding reception.

Erni 06 copy

They prepare for the big event at Eastin Hotel…cool deco

Erni 07 copy

Erni 09 copy

Erni 10 copy

Erni 05 copy

Fashionista Erni loves her Jimmy Choos

Erni 08 copy

Erni 04 copy

My fav picture of the day

Erni 03 copy

Erni 02 copy

Erni 11 copy

Erni 01 copy

Erni 13 copy

Erni 12 copy

Wait for part 3 (Shah Alam event)

The Story of “Erni & Fariz part 1″

Assalamualaikum all.

Fariz @ Wak was my secondary school friend. Wayyyyy back from the 90s. And Erni was from Penang. Relishing the opportunity to shoot a wedding in Penang…I jumped at the opportunity..hehehe. The Akad Nikah ceremony was held at Erni’s Grandma house in mainland Penang. Not the Island. Special menu of nasi tomato is cooked by grandma herself.

Erni & Fariz Part 1

Erni & Fariz Part 1

Erni & Fariz Part 1

Erni & Fariz Part 1

Erni & Fariz Part 1

Erni & Fariz Part 1

Erni & Fariz Part 1

Erni & Fariz Part 1

Erni & Fariz Part 1

The Story of “Shah Jahan 1st Birthday Party”

Assalamualaikum all.

10 days to go…huhuhuhu…neves neves me..

Anyways…I’ve known Shah Jahan’s entire family for the past 18 years or so. And I shoot most of their family events, weddings, portrait session etc etc etc. 2 weeks ago, the adorable little man finally turns 1 and Papa Shah & Mummy Julie throw a big party attended by close family and friends to celebrate it. Enjoy the pics!

Jahan 04 small

Jahan 02 small

Julie really decorate her house. It looks fab!

Jahan 06 small

Jahan 03 small

Jahan 01 small

Jahan 08 small

Julie made herself the cookies on the left. They also bought millions of candies and lollipops….heaven!

Jahan 05 small

Jahan 09 small

He is a boy who insist on holding to the knife tightly…and dont wanna let it go afterwards…haha

Jahan 07 small

Granma & Great Granma

Jahan 11 small

Jahan 10 small

Jahan 12 small

The Story of “Nadia & Putra part II”

Assalamualaikum all.

Part II of the wedding, reception held the next day. Beautiful couple, happening family, gorgeous deco & delicious food (Nasi Arab+Ayam panggang!)

Nadia+Putra Sanding-109

Nadia+Putra Sanding-110

Nadia+Putra Sanding-111

Nadia+Putra Sanding-112

Nadia+Putra Sanding-113

Nadia+Putra Sanding-114

Nadia+Putra Sanding-115

Nadia+Putra Sanding-116

Nadia+Putra Sanding-117

Nadia+Putra Sanding-118

Nadia+Putra Sanding-119

Nadia+Putra Sanding-120

Nadia+Putra Sanding-121

Nadia’s twin brother & their respective partner

Nadia+Putra Sanding-122

Nadia+Putra Sanding-123

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